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Sometimes dreams have to hold
on...for mommyiness.

Since my husband was working on Valentine's Day, don't be sad, with his job as a commercial fisherman we have learned to celebrate every day we are together so at 6:30 Valentine's Day morning we had yummy chocolate and a little blingy gift exchange, our daughter just loved the early morning celebration.

Last night, I thought after I put our daughter to bed I would get a head start on today's blog and other misc. to-do's so that I could really concentrate on my to-dreaming all day. Well, that didn't happen.

Our daughter, Nyla was up over and over and over again.

 Before I get into what happened next,

I would like to thank Michael at for providing not only a blog that I love but also the gift and opportunity to post a little mommyspinkielipgloss ad on his blog.

I love even more after last night because on one of those ups, we perused most of his archives. September 06, and July 19, 2011 are Nyla's favorites.

Finally, after hearing a song on post November 1st, I decided well even if she’s playing me I just love her so much, I stayed with her for a little while and got up. That worked for about 15 minutes.

She slowly climbed on the couch and said she was scared, when I asked her of what she looked at me with big saucer eyes and crocodile tears just poured out, this time I really knew she wasn't playing me. We hugged for a long, long time, I felt her quiver in her little soft pajamas. Finally she let out a big quiver and stumbly said, I'm scared of that big hairy thing on a TV commercial, when I finally figured out what she was talking about I realized it was Bigfoot! Awww! I think that was weeks ago, the TV ads were on for that show. 

She remembered back in pre-k when she couldn’t get scary things out of her mind.  I remember too, that’s when for about a month she had me ask every person I knew and stranger I ran into wherever we were at what they did to get scary things out of their mind. Thanks everyone by the way, we tried them all!
What finally worked then was drawing a picture of it, then ripping it up into tiny pieces then throwing it away in the outside garbage can as well as buying a gargoyle and put it outside our front door to keep scary spirits away. We still have the gargoyle (thanks to my Reiki instructors for this idea) I used to think people who had gargoyles were into weird and creepy things, now I know there just trying to get their kids to sleep and keep the weird, creepy, scary things away! :) 

I added a scarf for the photoshoot :)
Drawing is Nyla’s thing, so again she drew pictures of the scary things that were keeping her up tonight.  Not only Bigfoot, but a Vampire, a girl Devil and a Witch but not a Giant because those are just big not scary but nice.

What happened next was really quite special because I got out of my “It’s my alone, adult time mode and really listened and forgot that it was now 10pm!  We talked about why they are scary, each one separately and what made them that way.  And what Nyla came up with was someone was mean to them and then that made them mad and sad and then they were mean to everyone.

Here’s how her scenarios went:

She then drew the person that was mean to Bigfoot.  After Bigfoot and the girl talked, they realized they were different from each other and that made them scary to each other.  After they realized they weren’t scary; then they went to an amusement park and rode the merry-go-round. While they were at the amusement park someone else made fun of Bigfoot and his friend stuck up for him.  Bigfoot started to get mad and angry again, but his new friend reminded him not to and to have fun.

I’ll skip the Vampire and girl Devil scenario but the Witch one was a little different.

The Witch didn’t have any friends except the black cat.  So she didn’t have anyone to go talk to.  Nyla decided the Witch really liked to sing, so she decided to be in the play Alice in Wonderland.  And she got lots of fans because she was so good.  The fans made her happy and became her friends. So now since the Witch was happy she wasn’t mean and scary anymore.

The end!

I would like to thank again,, all the people who help us keep scary things away, gargoyles and my amazing Nyla.

I hope one day my blog can help, inspire and make someone happy that is my new dream.  xxxxoooo Michelle

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