Saturday, February 4, 2012


You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream! (I love this quote from my dreamy husband).

Nyla and I had fun making this dreamy Valentine's Day snowglobe!  She whipped up this little card just for you. I love how she instantly came up with these inspirational words! She said, Mommy you have to put this on your blog!  So I am.  I thought about having her re-write the little card so that first was written correctly and all in the same color but then I realized, if I tried to get her to write it over it might never happen and I just love the simplicity of her words. 

Don't worry about waiting until everything is perfect to start your dream. Your dream is going to make our world sooo much better! I just know it!

To find out how to make a  dreamy Valentine's Day snowglobe go to this really beautiful and inspirational blog its filled with fun things to make,   

Thanks for being my inspiration today!  Hey everybody, I hope you have an risk-taking time enjoying your dream!  xxxxoooo Michelle

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