Friday, February 17, 2012


Does your dream need a makeover?   
Since I've started, Lovin My Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing 17 days ago, my dream is really evolving in lots of little ways. It's not complete, not even close but its getting a makeover without me even realizing it!

For Today's Dream Beam lucky 17

Physically do something for your dream even little things scoot your dream along, Mentally visualize your dream in totality. I'm talking a little or a lot of daydreaming - really envision your dream to the complete finale'.  What does it feel like...make it exactly how you want!, Spiritually let your dream fly give it to the universe and be amazed at the clues and gifts that come your way! (Oh geez, I just realized, this is PMS, but the way funner kind!)

Whether you have been following along or just joining me today for the very first time, during February, I have a virtual gift of a Dream Beam waiting just for you!  Enjoy these little presents as encouragement that your dreams are amazing and it's way more fun to live them! (even after February, you can still sneak a Dream Beam anytime)

Let's do a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post for pictures clues and more info)

Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club
Dream Beam 4 - You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream, don't wait for "perfect"
Dream Beam 5 - Write your Dream Intention
Dream Beam 6 - Dreams change - That's Cool!
Dream Beam 7 - Embrace others Dreams as we embrace ours!
Dream Beam 8 - Dream Disclaimer
Dream Beam 9 - Hiccups in the dream
Dream Beam 10 - Perfect 10, yes your dream is a 10
Dream Beam 11 - Dream Research - make it fun!
Dream Beam 12 - Smile!
Dream Beam 13 - Dream Differently
Dream Beam 14 - Dreamy Treat because you've been doing some fun dreamin!
Dream Beam 15 - Hold on Dreams
Dream Beam 16 - If my Dream...Poem

Thank you!  xxxxoooo Michelle

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