Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Rental Apartment makeover...need I say more?

If you live in a rental and want to do some temporary customizing, I've got the secret!!
Contact paper!!

I went a little crazy with the contact paper, I just couldn't help it!

Biggest tip - Don't get critical after you've "installed" your contact paper, there might be some bubbles &/or creases or overlapping just remember you are covering up ugly, rusted, yellowed, stuff that drives you crazy but you can't permanently change!

I couldn't stand my laundry room anymore. It was sooo unwelcoming and dark.  When I'm doing laundry I need some real coaxing to get me in there to begin with :)

So, I started with my rusty washer & dryer, then went to my cabinets, then light switch, then door, then floor, I'm telling you I went crazy! Yes, I did the floor and it is holding up!! This is a well traffic area and so far so good. (small disclaimer, this is all new to me, I searched the internet and found that other people did this as well, with much success.  Mine has been on a month and its been a month of happy instead of looking at yellow vinyl!)

I brought some happy into this place!  If your on the fence about a re-do, don't hesitate this is inexpensive so why not enjoy your home? 

I hung some material to cover up the gap below the cabinets, now it seems like there is a window there.

Contact paper makes my laundry room make over easy from

Laundry Room Makeover with Contact paper from
Contact Paper ROCKS my Washer & Dryer!

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