Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NEW YEAR"S DAY SUPPER... soo yummy!

In case you missed this last year, this is our tasty New Year's Day supper...

 & I just have to share our little southern tradition it with you... 

If you make this yummy meal, you are almost GUARANTEED LUCK & MONEY for the New Year, & I'm not gonna make you make it, I'm just saying... who wants to test not having those things?!...

cabbage rolls for money, black eye peas for luck, cornbread for just good ole bellie yumminess!

My Recipe (Keep in mind I do a little of this and that, so add to your taste, it's made w/ground turkey, but can also be made with ground beef)

Soak Black Eye Peas

Then bring to boil, add chopped onion, garlic lots of salt, chicken cube,  turn down and put a lid on - slightly open, keep checking every so often to see if they need more salt. I throw in a bunch of fresh spinach a couple minutes before serving.

Take apart the cabbage leaves and lightly steam them, cut off or thin the stem part (makes it easier for rolling up bundles)
In the pot put a little bit of tomatoes so bundles won't burn


in a big bowl add ground turkey, a bit of white rice (not too much or your bundles will blow up and be super dry, I did that once), a can of whole tomatoes - makes it so fun for squishing; Nyla loves that part!, a bit of cinnamon, lots of salt, pepper, some sugar and pats of butter.

Add change, this is the most important part!!


Nyla likes to add money to each roll, but you can throw it in the pot, we did both.  Ours never turn out perfect by any means and by the time I serve them there kinda like bundle blobs but I love them just the same, its not about perfection. Careful with the toothpicks, I always prick my fingers.

Put bundly rolls in Pot, Pour left over mixture over rolls (this is how I see if their done, when rice is cooked their usually ready), add more can tomatoes, maybe a little bit of water and some more butter.  Our house likes them good and juicy, my Mom use to put a gravy pitcher on the table with the juice in case they were dry.  

Bring to a Boil, then simmer for awhile probably about 30-45 min. but this is kinda a no hurry meal so as long as their on low their good!, Check on them, when white rice is done they should be ready.  

Meanwhile, make a pot of yellow rice.


Straight out of the box, Jiffy!  It's the best, I just add a small can of cream corn per box.

Since we're a small family, we'll be eating the left overs for a few days, still super yummy, this makes a perfect winter time meal too, just without the money :)

(Be careful of money and toothpicks when eating)

This is a going to be a great year, I'm loving this moment of reveling in the possibilities! 

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Sunday, December 15, 2013


When you have your heart set on waffles but realize your out of waffle mix, you improvise, at least I did.   I made my scrambled eggs in my waffle maker this morning; of course the ratio was a little off and the eggs gushed out all over & onto the counter but hey, this is what I came up with and it was yummy!

One egg waffle made 4 mini open-faced breakfast sandwiches.

My scrambled eggs were nestled on pumpernickel bread w/spinach, tomato & cream cheese :)  I also pressed the bread in the waffle maker for that groovy look.

Ya know, sometimes when your out of something - it ends up being the best ever :)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SNOWMAN till summer!...

Just make a mini snowman & plop it in your freezer & giggle throughout the seasons. Every time you open your freezer you will get a cheery little reminder of the fun of winter :)

I got this super cute idea from some of Nyla's BFF's (Hey Gabby & Gianna!) It was such a cute, unexpected surprise when I opened their freezer last year, I, umm we just couldn't wait to make one for our home :)  Thanks guys for being our inspiration!!

It seems like were gonna get some more snow, looks like I might have a party in my freezer by the end of the season :)

Nyla also added to the freezer some snow for snowballs & snowy icecream, let the party begin!  

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

SNOWFLAKE HANDS!...super easy craft!

I know its kinda crazy to think of people not knowing what snow is all about; especially when your living in the frozey cold... so this crafty is for our warm climate friends :)  

This will make a perfect little gifty to let them know were thinking of them as their hanging on the beach while we swoosh in the snow.

I just got some gloves (2 sets for $1.50) and sprayed the fingers with spray glue then sprinkled pretend snow on them.  I used 2 kinds (only because I still had some from last year) one was a little more iridescent.  For my nephew, Caleb I didn't use as much of that kind and used black gloves.  Then I flipped them over and did the same thing to the other side.  Super easy & done, now I just have to finish my hot chocolate and get these in the mail.  

For that added frozey feel you can slip into the gloves a "booboo" pack.  (not sure of proper name but the little cold things you keep in the freezer for owies)

Hey for all our warm weather friends, can you send some of your warm sunbeams :) That would totally make our day!

I hope your having a blast where ever you are!!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Create some Santa giggles and smiles with this super easy crafty!!  The hardest part was trying to take the picture :)

Just grab some red paper, glue, cotton balls and freestyle draw a hat & beard; glue the cotton balls to the beard and bam your done!

I have our Santa face in the bathroom for added surprise but any mirror will do.  Have fun & umm Santa's always watching you... 

Thanks to this movie, Love at the Christmas Table, they had the Santa Claus mirror in one of their scenes (unfortunately, this clip doesn't show it, but if you haven't seen this movie, its a cutie :)

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