Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MOTHER'S DAY CRAFT..stir sticks for Mom's coffee, tea

Mother's Day is just around the corner but no worries this craft is easy to do and with a little variety it can fit any Mom's taste!

Give these stir sticks to Mom so she can stir in a little of your love into her coffee or tea.
Moms always love flowers!

I thought rockin' Moms would love the black & white 
              Kids will love to make these, just grab 2 of the   same sticker and your done!

Just grab a variety of crafty things & some glue and your ready!

I bought the wooden coffee stir sticks from our grocery store, I think they were $2.00 for 250 of them; so this craft can go on & on... (just like coffee huh?!) Just a quick dip of one end into the glue for flowers, even easier with stick on jewels and stickers! 

For another fun, easy Mother's Day craft check this out and a super yummy cake recipe (that everyone loves!) from my Mom!

 Hey, I hope you have a fun-filled day!!
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Monday, April 28, 2014


Here is an easy peasy project that will not only use some of the things hanging around your craft closet but get you organized as well.

I just love my funny girl!

Since I used an old frame back it had the hanger already on it, YAY! I chose to put my string both horizontal & vertical, that way I can switch it up and hang it either way.

So an old broken down frame became a cute Love Note Organizer that went straight into Nyla's room.  She added some hair bows & now has more fun stuff on it since this picture :)

With all the options of duck tape this project has endless style ability!!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dear Beautiful Mother Earth,

Today, I celebrate your beauty, and embrace the gifts that you provide.  I sheepishly admit I'm giddy when I smell the rain that is about to fall; I swoon at sundrenched animals basking on your terrain and the sparkly diamonds that glisten on your oceans.  I embrace the shade from your grateful, giving trees and eat your fresh fallen snow by the snowballful. I let your kind sleepy wind sway my swing and whisk me into a daydream.  Gentle Mother Earth please remind me of your beautiful gifts that touch my senses and forgive me when I don't cherish them...

Happy Earth Day to you and thank you!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Silhouettes...Upscaled & Makeover!

Hi Everyone!

I gave Nyla's silhouette a little makeover.  I figure we all need a makeover every now and again so why not our artwork :)

I used a previous silhouette and added a little paper heart barrette & necklace, how easy is that!!  Isn't she sweet? 

Silhouettes, how to make

Easiest way ever to make silhouettes:
Print out a profile picture & cut it out
Tape that to the paper of your choice & cut out BAM 2 steps & your done! 

For other silhouette ideas check out Silhouettes Easy Peasy :)

Thanks for stopping by, I really love hanging out with you!
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Crafty Allie
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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Here's something to try - Grab an old book or magazine, some markers, highlighters and have some fun celebrating National poetry month. 

We did this at our local library and really had a fun time.  It's a good way to get your poetry power and slip in a little reading with your kids.  

Just cut out some pages from old books or magazines, grab a marker (we used black but any color will do) & block the words you like, draw a line through the ones you don't. Highlight your blocked words to make them stand out.

I love how Nyla spiced hers up with a heart and cool red lines; mines a little on the conservative side compared to hers :)

Here are some other cool things to make with your old books Secret Agent Spy Stash  & try this Glad Book Game.

I'd love to read your rockin' poems!! Hey, I hope you have a really fun, creative day!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FOR THE BIRDS...Chirp Chirp

This is a fun spring time crafty that the birds will really enjoy!  And since Easter is right around the corner why not give them a little egg or two?

I got this great idea from FAMILY FUN magazine (I just love that mag!) and decided to glam my eggs a bit by giving it a little food coloring, peanut butter and strings for hanging. (unfortunately, I couldn't find the recipe on their website, but they have so many great ideas, check it out if you don't already get the magazine in the mail).

Recipe for about 12 eggs
21/2 cups of birdseed
2 packets of prepared, unflavored gelatin (added to 1 cup hot water)
Food coloring (optional)
Peanut butter (optional, couple of spoonfuls)

Mix ingredients and then press into plastic Easter eggs, tuck a string in and close egg.  
Let dry over night or until dry (mine took a little longer, it was really rainy & damp so maybe that's why)

You really have to mold and press these things - perfect for kids who love to get messy! 

To add the string
I had some eggs that opened horizontally so that was easy just filled one half of egg, then placed string and topped with more mixture.  
If your eggs are the other kind, just fill and kinda press string in or use a pencil to make a hole, place string then cover up.

This crafty is super messy - especially if you are going to add food coloring so wear gloves if you don't want your hands to be stained for ever! (I have stained hands :)

Hide and tie up your eggs, the birds will just love their Easter Egg Hunt. :)

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