Saturday, September 29, 2012

My breakfast drink...

I've been getting bored with my breakfast drink.  We switched to tea last year.  I've been missing coffee so we have a takeout kind every now and then or at friends.  Smoothies, OJ, water we mix it up but their not cutting it for me.  

Today, this quenched my breakfast drink ponder...

Wanna come over?   xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, September 28, 2012

Butter, gotta love that stuff!

Making butter is so easy.  Just grab some empty jars, a couple of kids, some whipping cream and shake.

It took about 30 minutes of continuous shaking, the girls got a little pooped so we had to bring in Daddy for the super shaking.

We did a taste test after, everyone agreed homemade butter rocks!! It's just like the kind you get from the super yummy pancake houses.  It's light, whippy and oh so fresh... plus it's made with love :) and nothing is better than that!

This scrumpous goodness last about 2 weeks in an airtight container. 
xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My view...

Pictures of Nyla taking a picture of me...

(I couldn't even see Nyla as I was taking the pictures but I think they turned out great!  I love her cute little smile)

Our Internet has been down, the weather has been absolutely perfect.  We've been maximizing our Internet down time - it has made for better family time.  Thanks for always checking back!  Miss you guys, have an astounding kinda day!  

xxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My date day...

Andy and I have to take our dates when we can get them (no grandparents local) so when Nyla was in school and Andy was home from fishing we decided to cruise to Atlantic City for lunch.  

All photos were taken at the Revel casino check it out here.  

Wow, what a beautiful place, I'm big time inspired! I love the graphic patterns, poppy colors, curvy lines, plush pool area that makes you dream of being a goddess and yummy food.

(I'm wanting a babysitter for the night)

xxxxxoooooo Michelle

I love you Andy, thanks for an amazing afternoon, I just love your ideas!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


with grace and glory.   xxxxoooo Michelle

Happy Birthday, Shelly!  You add the sparkly, freshness that this day needs.  We love you!

Special thanks to Nyla and Martine.  Nyla was playing with Martine, he was the president of all dogs and this was his photoshoot.  I think his look fits the mood of 9/11.

What I was doing on September 11th

I remember this day, we just flew into the JFK airport on Sept.l0 from Costa Rica.  I often wonder whether the people on that plane got caught in the mayhem of the day of Sept 11th.  

We were so happy that morning to be in our country.  We had been without hot water, TV,  phones, our local familiarity. Too excited to be at home we went to a friend's house for coffee on the morning of Sept 11th.

We were pumped, Andy was excited because there were welcome back waves.  As we were watching the disaster unfold on TV we couldn't believe our eyes; it took more than just a moment to realize it was real and it just kept getting worse.  We were just in that airport the day before.

On the beach a little later as Andy went surfing, there was tension in the water; a since of aggravation and surliness, disbelief.  You could see the smoke billowing in the far, far distance...

I don't know anyone personally whose life was lost that day.  I know our friends in Costa Rica felt our country's loss.  They were concerned for us and weren't sure if we were on that flight.  Our daughter will never know how flight travel use to be.  We are different now.         

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mabel our centerpiece...

I bought Mabel last summer, about this time of year, on a super mark down clearance.  I couldn't believe no one wanted her!

Well, I totally forgot all about her and just found her hiding in the back of the closet.  I guess I put her up when Christmas came around and geez got side tracked and never put her back up.

So I dragged her out.  Nyla gave her a pom-pom hat (we had them hanging up) and a ribbon scarf.  Then we couldn't figure out where to put her, so I stuck her on the table.  I threw the stuff on the table in the tray and that is how Mabel became our centerpiece. 

I think Mabel represents the time to gather all those imperfect dreams and embrace those imperfections because they are so perfect!  

So, behind Mabel's silent, watchful eye, I know she is bursting with excitement for our dreams plus she's so glad to be out of that dark closet!

It's kinda like those dark, negative thoughts in our head - who wants those?!  Now is the time to give them a fancy, squeezy  job passion; like make our dreams happen!

The season is changing, it's time to move stuff around, shake those dreams up, wanna join me?... xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ball on the toilet...

I don't know why Nyla's soccer ball is on my toilet but I kinda like it there!

Here's to Art being anything you like :)
xxxxooo Michelle

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school 2nd grade!

Nyla's so excited for school, she is going into 2nd grade!  I can't believe it...our baby is getting so big.   I'm really excited too;  I have know idea what we are in store for but I'm ready!

Nyla organized her pencil box and backpack,
picked out her outfit, went to bed early.  She's excited about riding the bus for the first time.  

Nyla's a little shy but she said she was going to say hello instead of waiting for the new kids to say hello first. (wow! she's so wise, maybe I'll do that too).

In the morning after trying on her clothes, Nyla did a quick outfit change.  We got to the bus stop way to early and the bus was a little late but finally the moment arrived; where the parents had to release their babies into the hands of the bus driver. (I got his pic just in case :

Nyla's pencil box and her favorite crayons in rainbow fashion

I got a little teary eyed when I saw this picture. I love her face it's filled with possibilities

Thanks everyone for sharing my Nyla's special day!  I'm glad Andy was home from fishing to share this too, he's excited waves all week.  I'm off to do well, I'm not really sure...but I'm gonna have a great time doing it, you too! 
xxxxoooo Michelle