Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mabel our centerpiece...

I bought Mabel last summer, about this time of year, on a super mark down clearance.  I couldn't believe no one wanted her!

Well, I totally forgot all about her and just found her hiding in the back of the closet.  I guess I put her up when Christmas came around and geez got side tracked and never put her back up.

So I dragged her out.  Nyla gave her a pom-pom hat (we had them hanging up) and a ribbon scarf.  Then we couldn't figure out where to put her, so I stuck her on the table.  I threw the stuff on the table in the tray and that is how Mabel became our centerpiece. 

I think Mabel represents the time to gather all those imperfect dreams and embrace those imperfections because they are so perfect!  

So, behind Mabel's silent, watchful eye, I know she is bursting with excitement for our dreams plus she's so glad to be out of that dark closet!

It's kinda like those dark, negative thoughts in our head - who wants those?!  Now is the time to give them a fancy, squeezy  job passion; like make our dreams happen!

The season is changing, it's time to move stuff around, shake those dreams up, wanna join me?... xxxxoooo Michelle

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  1. omg - I LOVE Mabel - awesome and whimsical and definitely something I'd use as a centerpiece!!!
    thanks for sharing
    Cool blog - I'll definitely be back !!!


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