Reiki is a laying of the hands on experience.  Reiki brings us in touch with our life -our whole life- mind, body and spirit.  It gets us in touch with our life that is on the inside of us.  Reiki  has no limits and can be done anywhere but usually done laying on a massage table or sitting down and fully clothed. 

Reiki is never harmful and always gives you what you need at that time.  When you are receiving Reiki you might feel tingling, heat, cold, coolness or nothing at all, it may bring calmness, tears or smiles and laughter.  It might bring emotions or situations to the surface that you haven't thought about and/ or understand and now is the time to understand and work through those emotions so that you can move forward with your life. 

Everytime you receive Reiki it is a unique experience to you as well as the practitioner. Each experience is what you are meant to have at that time.  You can only receive Reiki by someone who has taken classes and has been attuned by a certified Reiki Master.

A Reiki practitioner is not a healer, have special powers or can make medical diagnosis.  A Reiki practitioner IS a channel for Universal healing energy, respects clients confidentiality and privacy and always wants the highest good for their client.  Each practitioner is an individual therefore practices in a way that is best for them. 

Reiki can be given in person or distantly as in a distant healing (great for surgery situations).  

Reiki knows no bounds or limitations so treat yourself and enjoy a beautiful Reiki experience!!