Thursday, March 29, 2012


I feel so fabulously happy, I'm one moment closer to my husband coming home!  I just got his call he'll be home tonight! He was suppose to be home yesterday; we knew when we didn't hear from him by nighttime it wasn't happening.  Finally on the 11th day, I get to see my husband!

So this is my last day of "Flinging into Fabulous...all during a fishing trip" but not my last day of feeling fabulous.  I hope its not yours either!

I'm leaving you with some fabulous clues from earlier in the flinging and a thought.  It has been a ton of fun and I've learned a few things.  I'll be back in awhile, after I've soaked up the sweetness of complete family and husband time... xxxxoooo Michelle

I think if you think of all the things you love instead of all the things that you have to do then you will have a fabulously happy day.

Here are a few of my loves for today
(these are in no particular order)

I love the way my heart skips a beat when Andy calls when he's away on a fishing trip

I love the way my dog Martine, nestles and nozzles in his covers and then finally plops, I love his plop

What is your "box" becoming?
I love the sound our dogs make as they are eating and drinking, crunch, crunch, crunch, lap, lap, lap

Embrace all your feelings
I love the way Nyla gives feelings and names to everything, for instance she says you have to be kind to our home otherwise its feelings will get hurt.

I love being alone

I love the smell of coming rain and that there is a word for that, Petrichor
I love that I fall in love with new things daily
I love blogging
Pretty little lunch and snack presents
I love to be inspired
I love going on
inspirational walks and drives
I love great food
I love that I can put on my lipgloss without a mirror
I love pretty mirrors
I love my dream, to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot

Realize what makes you feel fabulous
I love my computer and camera
I love that I can see, feel, taste, touch and speak
I love that Nyla is feeling better
I love my cellulite, I just wish it didn't go everywhere with me
I love pretty thank you notes
I love my earrings my husband gave me for Valentine's Day
I love to send pretty thank you notes
I love our home in Costa Rica
I love cows, I love their beautiful eyes
I love my moms daily phone call
I love that I will find new things to love tomorrow
Rainbows symbolize happiness
I love chicken n dumplins
I love when time stands still when I need it to
I love music that makes me feel
I love my daydreams
I love my pj's
I love rainbows and I love how everyone loves rainbows!

I'm sending each and everyone of you a big hug filled with all the love you need! xxxxoooo Michelle :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Everyone loves rainbows, they just make me stop in my tracks in awe, since Rainbows symbolize happiness but are not always visible I thought I would create one for a fabulous reminder! (we all have a rainbow inside of us called our chakras, you can learn all about chakras here)
 I had these containers   hanging around waiting for another project and I got this idea - Rainbow in my window.  It looked just as amazing laying down and stacked, just make sure you tighten the lids real good :)  To make this rainbow happiness just take little clear containers (I got the whole box from Michael's craft store for about 10 bucks) and fill with water and food coloring, easy peasy and re-enjoyable.  (my purple really looked pretty, it just didn't show up, I'm working on my photography skills :)

When my "rainbow in my window" fades away, its going to turn into this amazing purse.  Check this out! Isn't this so perfectly pretty! Thanks for this beautiful inspiration and how to's!  Love your blog!

Have a fabulous day filled with all the colors of the rainbow! xxxxoooo Michelle

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


HI!  When I started, “Flinging into Fabulous…all during a fishing trip”, I didn’t realize my daughter would be throwing up as my husband was heading out to sea, I didn’t realize it would be the anniversary of my brother’s death (see posts a few days back), I didn’t realize that I would have a half gallon paint explosion on my linoleum floor (Monday’s post), I didn’t realize it would take me so long to re-do my coffee table AND I didn’t realize my daughter would get sick with the throwing up kind again! (I love 1st grade swermie germies!).

But what I did realize is it feels great to FEEL fabulous. 
Just how can you do that during an everyday “Mommy” kind of day and night?  My fabulous varies according to the moment and situation I am in.  I’ve allowed myself to have degrees of fab, it takes the pressure off.
I think if we surround ourselves with gentle reminders of how amazing we really are and things that make us feel like a million bucks; hopefully those reminders will pop into our head when we’re cleaning up throw up or having a blue kind of day.

For me to feel fabulous I need to be comfy.  I want to feel comfy with how I look, where I’m at, whom I’m with and of course my home.   I love my comfy bed, the thing is I'm not in it as much as I would like :) and my dogs are the last to get up so I can rarely make my bed until mid morning and when I do they usually get back into it!  When I finally get the opportunity to sleep, I'm having sweet, snoozie dreams all because I made it a big deal to have a comfy bed. Did I mention  I love my comfy bed?
 I try to fill my day with comfy (bra comes off after 5), I feel amazing when I do kind things for my family, other’s and me every day, I try to be a little glammy whether it be some part of my outfit or how I eat my food (I like to use my china more than not, although I didn't use it today for lunch, hmm I had a fab slack moment). 

Today, I had a nice relaxing lunch while Nyla took a well needed sick snooze. My lunch was filled with some of my favorites, beans and sunshine!
My super easy bean recipe came from .  I switched it up a little bit and used black beans, peas, and endame, I threw in a little rice and I added cilantro to the recipe and a dash of hot sauce.  Fabulously yummy!!! 

As I look at my beautiful little sleeping girl I realize that how fabulously lucky I am to have such a sweet, smart, funny, kind, little girl.  I know she is going to be ok, she's over the worst and I am so thankful.

Another thing that I started doing a couple of years ago is
 I try to shop and go to places that have nice, friendly people working there.  How can you feel fab when your paying for mean, grumpy bad service?

I love to do creative things and work on my dreams.  If I can do that even, if it’s a brief thought, I’m on my way to fab! Today, I've got ideas for rearranging some pictures in our house, that I've been trying to decide where.

I also love looking at cuteness.  I put together my "3 little birds".  I'm slowly getting into the Easter season so while Nyla was still sleeping I made this centerpiece today too.  

Remember, my fab has degrees.  Does yours? Only you can decide your fabulous, every little tiny bit of it.  Beside Nyla feeling sick, its been a pretty fabulous day; if I can squeeze in a shower and a face mask I’m gonna be feeling squeaky clean fabulous, if not I'm still feeling pretty fab!
 xxxxoooo Michelle

Sunday, March 25, 2012

FLINGING INTO FABULOUS...loving my linoleum!

I'm Fabulously ReGrouping.  I'm spending this beautiful rainy Sunday morning enjoying the few moments before the day actually starts into a normal routine.

Today, I'm going to spend the day with my daughter and embrace and cherish our time together.  I'm not going to  OK, here's how the day is winding up, I am embracing my daughter for sure because she has told me more than once, "Mommy I am better at the scrubbing kind of cleaning and you are better at the picking up kind!"

So, my original post name was fabulously regrouping and as I was writing, my morning was going quite dreamy.  This so far was a perfect Sunday.  I had to push it! See, I'm repainting my coffee table (I like to do all these little projects while Andy is fishing).  I'm painting the drawers now; I thought I have a few minutes before we go I'll just paint the drawers for 10 minutes.  So on the dining room table (yes, I'm painting the drawers on the dining room table.  I have it all tarped off professional like) well, big sigh; I spilled a half gallon of brown paint on my linoleum floor!!!

So after the shock wore off, I asked Nyla if she wanted to paint a picture to help use up all this brown paint.  Which she did, she also used the roller and rolled the brown paint on the floor.  Then she cleaned up and left, our dog, Dodger walked thru the paint and then walked on the carpet. (just a little bit).  Then, after cleaning the paint off my feet, Nyla's feet and Dodger's feet; I remembered that Nyla is a good scrubber, which she is by the way but she got bored before the job was over.

The good news is that none of the brown paint got on the china cabinet, or the chairs that I just reupholstered.  The bummer is that most of the cleaning was under the table which I barely clean under there normally, well I guess it was due.  

After a little while Nyla says, Mommy can you polish my other hand.  I was about to say can't you see I'm still trying to get brown paint from all over the floor, sink, haven't even thought about the carpet and now my feet again?  But, I look over and I see the cutest...I just fell in love!

What I realized is, we are in the process of re-doing our home including the floors but to be honest, I'm just not ready for that responsibility! 

So today, I am fabulously enjoying my worn out, ripped linoleum because if it was wood I would have really been freaking out!  Actually, I would have been out in the garage painting and I wouldn't have been in this situation :)  xxxxoooo Michelle 

(Andy update, he's been fishing 7 days, we hope he comes home Wed.  So far the phone has worked almost everyday which were really happy about but yesterday we missed his call, I couldn't find the phone :( , I know by now he's really feeling the pain, both  physically and mentally, I continue to send him distant REIKI and pray that he is safe.  When he left nothing was in bloom and now the whole town is pop with colors of yellow, purple and white!, Hey everyone, enjoy seafood because those guys work harder than you can ever imagine and risk their lives for us to have it.)



I'll write more on Monday..Promise!  Enjoy your Sunday! xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, March 23, 2012


(Flinging into Fabulous...all in a fishing trip cont. If your just joining me click back to Sunday's post to get you started)

Hi, today is a difficult day for me. 
Six years ago today my life changed drastically.  I lost my older brother, Greg.  He had a sudden heart attack at 40.  His death taught me a few things.  Nobody tells you or talks about grieving, it’s not taught in school.  Even though people say it often, LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! There is no guarantee it will be here an instant later.  Do, say, write, shout, train, take, cherish, embrace, change, stop, start whatever it takes to live the amazing, happy life that YOU are meant to have.  Not what other people want you to live. Most important fill it with love of yourself and others.  Know your family history.  Don’t smoke, it only fills you with pain and leaves your family with memories of you.  Greg struggled with quitting and had quit when he had the heart attack.

The only comfort I have with his death is that he will be right there to greet me when my time comes.  Greg gives amazing hugs, he’s a great hugger so take comfort in that; he will be there for us with open huggie arms.

I created this card of Greg and carry it in my wallet, as a visual reminder to live MY LIFE, HAPPY! Occasionally I give it out when the time is right. 
Today, I am fabulously wearing a "I'm Grieving" t-shirt.  I'm a little nervous I couldn't do it 6 years ago but I think people need to be exposed to grieving especially growing up.  If we learn more about it then, we won't have to figure it out during the actual time.  Grieving is not a dirty word, its a reality that we all go thru at some point.  I think if we learn more about grieving as a whole we can heal as a whole and be there for each other when the time comes.

Today, especially today, please live your life in a fabulous way, in memory and honor of Greg live like him, HAPPY!  Thank you...xxxxoooo Michelle (Missy)
If you want to read more about my Grieving story...

This isn't all the gorey details.  I defininately do not want to become the "grieving lady"! It's not written perfectly, I could re-write this over and over forever and remember another important detail but for now this is how I want to say it.  I wrote this mainly just for me so I'm a little nervous putting it out there for all to read.

Greg’s death came just 4 years after my oldest brother, Freddie at 50 died of colon cancer.  My family was somewhat recovered from that, meandering along and then BAMB!  There was no preparation for this; my only comfort was that I was living in the same city at the time.  I just saw him.  We just celebrated Mom’s birthday earlier in the month.  Forty, fifty years of knowing someone just isn't enough, no amount of time is enough, it just isn't!

Both my brothers were amazing in every way, the best a sister could ever ask for.  I still can’t believe their gone and now I’m an only child.  The dynamics of my family changed, now it’s just me and mom that remember my growing up years.  Now I solely will be the one who will be responsible for taking care of all of mom's details as she ages.  I'm the baby I'm not suppose to know how to do all that stuff, that's what my big brothers always took care of.  I always went to them for any kind of problem solving!  Thank God, my Mom is so organized and on top of it and has a lot of details taken care of all ready!  I know I will figure it out, don't worry Mom. 

My daughter was almost 2, at the time; I think Greg’s death played a huge part in why Nyla is an only child.  I never dreamed of only having one.  I just couldn’t see being pregnant with the way I felt, I didn’t think it would be fair to give this new child a rough start and then time kept going on.  Nobody told me that grieving would last so long.  My husband was away a lot on fishing trips.  His heart was broken too, fore they were his brothers too but someone had to pay the bills.  For my daughter’s sake I held up pretty good, actually she kept me sane and made me realize and gave me unconditional joy.  As Andy was away fishing and when Nyla was asleep that is when I would crumble. Our dog, Martine was always there, he kissed my crying eyes he didn’t mind me crumbling and geez he kept me walking him no matter what!  (he’s a little bossy). 

Laughter and smiles do come along while grieving, I remember one time Mom and I were at the bank taking care of something in relation to Greg's death and something made us laugh.  The lady at the bank kinda looked at us strange, I think she must have thought why are they laughing at a time like this.  Well, let me tell you anytime you can laugh it is a gift, if you can make someone laugh for that brief moment you allow that person to forget the sadness that they are in.       

In those alone moments different things got me through but a constant was music.  Santana’s Europa Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile, I feel was written just for me, it’s so beautiful and such a gift.  (I wish I was more techy right now so you can hear it, cranked and driving is best)  I was so angry at God! How could he take my brothers away from me! I realize now he knows what he's doing and thats what were taught, Heaven is the place to be it's the best but what are we suppose to do down here? Without the ones that give us the special light that we need? Well, they passed the torch; its up to us to carry on that special light, comfort, prepare others for the future of when we pass.  Thats what!  It still can't replace the physical contact and hearing their voice though.

And of course Bob Marley, was a key music help.  A couple of years later as I danced with my daughter our song, 3 little birds became significant and got me thru. I was over the initial heartache, I began to grieve in a different way.  Every once in a while those memories good and horrific hospital moments, those times come and dancing with my little Nyla seeing her giggly face as I held her and we danced just helped so much. I would look at Andy, he knew my sadness thankfully Nyla didn’t always.

I’m not going to talk about my mom or my sister-n-laws or my niece or nephews because they are the gifts and treasures left behind.  They are so amazing in each their own way and I can’t even imagine the unbelievable pain they have endured.

I know for a fact time does heal all wounds, the amount of time I don’t know.  I kept waiting for the 1 year mark - that was supposed to be the magic number, it wasn’t for me, then 1 year and a day came that wasn't it either.  I was hopeful that each day after would be the day.  I’m not sure when I stopped thinking about Greg everyday but I have.   I have an amazing life, partially because of my brother’s deaths, it was a reality check but mostly because of my amazing husband, daughter and mom and I give me some credit too :)

Other things that happened, before Greg died I had always had low blood pressure.  As soon as he died, I got high blood pressure.  I can’t say it’s because of his death but I feel it contributed to it.  Now years later after practicing Reiki, I realized when you have heartache it can affect your heart. It did mine.  Now I’m off blood pressure medicine.  You have to release the stuff somehow; it will hold you back and literally take you down!  Go there but don’t stay there, reach out anyway you can, keep finding a way and people...offer a hand you never know the change a total stranger can make.

 So much has happened in these 6 years.  Shoot, I’m a blonde now, never thought that would happen, :)  We will all have many deaths in our lives,  but there will come one that will change your core, your true being...from that moment on your life will be different in a way you never imagined.  It will teach you more about yourself, it will make you, don't let it break you.  I've got the torch Freddie, Greg it is flaming and glowing bright and I'm having a lot of fun like you taught me life should be!

Thank you everyone for listening to me, thank you my beautiful family, my faith, friends, strangers, acquaintances, books, etc. for loving me...all of me! Xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, March 22, 2012

FLINGING INTO FABULOUS...all during a fishing trip

Hi!  I started Flinging into Fabulous when Andy left for a fishing trip.  This is the 4th day he's been gone (in fishing you don't count the day they actually leave).  I've talked to him 2 times.  Cell phones don't work out there and the boat satellite phone only works sometimes.  When we talk to him the call is brief just enough for him to make sure were all right, it gives me comfort hearing his voice in the minute or two of the call.   There's about 6 more days left in his fishing trip.  We're counting down but being fabulous in the meantime!

So what am I going to do today that is fabulous, hmm, I don't know yet.  I think I'm just going to embrace the day and realize all the fabulous in it that I normally overlook and see where that takes me.

Here's how I start my day.

In my mind I can see the way I want the world to be. With my eyes I can see the beauty in the world that is.

In my body I can feel the power that it gives me I can use my arms to embrace and hug.  I can walk as fast or slow as I want and skip when Nyla is around, I can even jump on the bed when Nyla isn't around :)  I can smell the yumminess of my world.  I can see with my eyes the visual gifts that the universe has brought me. I can hear the laughter and songs of birds and people, Nyla's is the one I love the most.  I cover me with clothes that I love.

In my spirit I can choose the positive inspiration that feeds my soul and give freely and openly.

Yep, I'm ready for fabulous, I just have to throw on some rockin shoes, some bracelets and of course pink lip gloss!

xxxxoooo Michelle  I'm enjoying today, because tomorrow is going to be a little rough.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FLINGING INTO FABULOUS...pretty little lunches and snacks

Hi! Thank you for flinging by to fabulous!  Every so often my Mom will call me and say do something beautiful for yourself.  (thanks Mom for the reminder!)

Well today lets kick it up a notch and do something FABULOUS for yourself, others and globally.

My Mom is such a huge inspiration in my life she is just filled with kindness and positivity no matter what! She is always giving me little makeup bags that she gets from the cosmetic promotions. I just love them, they are so pretty.  After years of her generous gifts I have a bunch of them and I don't want to throw them away.  So what I do with them now is I make "Pretty Little Lunch & Snack Presents." I think that's adding a little fabulous to the ordinary brown bag or plastic bag lunch.  I'm re-enjoying them. (pretty for me and my family and pretty for the environment).

My daughter, Nyla was getting ready for school picture day  and she asked should I wear my pearls or boa? I just love her fab style, I suggested the pearls only because her lime green boa didn't go with her outfit.  Otherwise, I would be all for it!  I hope I never try to stifle her style 'cause she rocks it like no other!  I'm sure I'll have to remind myself of my words as the teenage years come along :)

For amazing ideas to help make someones day more fabulous either locally or globally, check out Ryan's awesome, awesome blog for inspiration.  Most are free and it doesn't get anymore fabulous than that!

Anyone want a cookie?   xxxxoooo Michelle

(cookies are in a little camera lens box that I got from the thrift store and the dip for my carrots is in a babyfood jar)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm flinging into FABULOUS and lovin it!  Because what I know is fabulous isn't just available for a select few.  FABULOUS is meant for everyone!

Do you remember when you were a child and a box was soo much fun?  You can take any box and it could become anything you wanted from a spaceship to a house to a car to a puppet theatre...the list was endless.

Well, this is my grown up version.  Who knew my box would grow up and be glass and filled with yummy chocolate kisses! Thank you Hammer + Sickle for making such an amazing cigar box!

To me fabulous is taking anything from an idea, clothing, anything about you, a song ect. and stamping it with your mark, breaking the barriers into making not only you but everyone feel well fabulous...feathering as far and wide as you can go!

Today, remember that childhood excitement of no boundaries for your box.  When you climb in or out or on top of your box you open yourself up to fabulous things and the world will be thankful!

xxxxoooo Michelle

My box came from Olde Tyme Smoke Shoppe, Long Beach Island, NJ 609-492-1600
Pat, the owner is super knowledgeable and very helpful.  He  provides that old time service that we all love and miss a little bit.  He will help you with all your cigar and cigar box needs.  (He does mail order as well :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


If I take the definition of fling and fabulous and blend them together and add a little bit this is what Flinging into Fabulous means to me...
Flinging into Fabulous is
moving or throwing something or somebody carelessly or forcefully into amazingly or almost unbelievably great or impressive, extremely good, pleasant or an enjoyable and dramatic way of life!

To fling into Fabulous you need to feel fabulous and let's face it summer is right around the corner and who wants to feel bad and miss all that fun!  But fabulous flinging isn't just about looking good.  It's about your total package all three - mind, body and spirit flinging into fabulous!  Fabulous has no negativity in it!

We all have things in our life that are negative. What I'm realizing is most of those are an easy fix.  For instance, on my counter is an electric pencil sharpener that my daughter just loves.  She gets the biggest kick out of it.  Unfortunately its needed new batteries for quite a while and shes kind of forgotten about it. I love my counters to be clutter free (which they rarely are) so every time I look at that pencil sharpener I'm reminded that I need to get batteries and that my counter is that much more cluttered which I don't like at all. It is a little thing but why have that little negative thing floating around in my head especially when big ones come up all the time?

So today, I put some batteries in it and it didn't work! I could have thrown that thing away along time ago!! Think of how many of those little negative things we have that can easily be taken care of!

My family gives "GOOD MORNING" hugs everyday.  Some days that good morning hug doesn't happen until the afternoon or evening and sometimes we just don't feel like giving a good morning hug; but there is something about that physical touch that immediately makes us feel better.  It's kinda become our little family thing.  Today give someone a good morning hug; let's face it nothing bad can come from a hug!

Find what spiritually moves you.  It's simple, spirituality isn't meant to be difficult.  Now that it's getting a little nicer turn to nature for some guidance.
Check out Joanne from Sacred Scribes blog for some very interesting reading and to find out more about colors.  For my photo I chose royal blue, emerald green to revitalize my mind, orange to revitalize my body and purple to stimulate my spirit.

Today give a good morning hug and get rid of a little negative thing, find what spiritually moves you and we are three steps closer to getting to fabulous!

just to let you know...FABULOUS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!    xxxxoooo Michelle

fling [ fling ]
1.       throw something violently: to throw something or somebody carelessly or forcefully
2.       move forcefully: to move forcefully in a way that seems impressive or dramatic
3.       move your head or arms: to move your head or arms in a particular direction suddenly and dramatically
fab·u·lous [ fábbyələss ]
1.       amazing: amazingly or almost unbelievably great or impressive
2.       typical of fables: described in or typical of myths and legends
3.       excellent: extremely good, pleasant, or enjoyable

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I'm in to...

What I'm into right now...I'm in to living! My husband, Andy is a commercial fisherman and when he's home I'm not going to be blogging so much.  Andy's just jammed packed with fun and we like to maximize our time together.  Nyla, the guys (our dog's Martine and met them on my last post) and I just love to gobble up all his time. 

Since my husband is a commercial fisherman the main thing I can rely on is that I can't rely on anything with fishing!  Andy went on a 12 day fishing trip and came home after 5 due to a boat motor problem.  He thought it would take a couple of days but instead it took 2 weeks!  I'm definitely not complaining at all!  We call these days bonus days'!   

During all those bonus days what I realized is that I miss blogging and hanging with you.  So what I came up with is... 

"Flinging into Fabulous"...
all during a fishing trip!

This will start tomorrow and will last about 10 days...
Join me and we will figure out what fabulous is all about!   

xxxxoooo Michelle  :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

SPA DAY...its a dog's life

My daughter, Nyla and her friend Valeria thought it would be a great time for our dogs to go to the spa.  Martine is having the fluffy comfy  collar treatment and Dodger is having the fluffinator ear spa fandangle.
I just thought this was so cute, I hope you have a day filled with cuteness and smiles! xxxxooooo Michelle

Sunday, March 11, 2012


My daughter, Nyla woke us up this morning with her dream, Mommy, Mommy I dreamed that we made pancakes in the donut maker.  (Nyla got a babycakes donut maker from Santa, I just love Santa and his great gifts! :)

Being the doubting parents that we are sometimes, we really didn't think it would work.  I mean, who does that?  We gave this "scientific experiment a try" anyway. 

Wow, what a yummy and easy idea (doesn't get any easier than a "complete" box of pancake mix).  I have got to get out of my adult head and listen to Nyla and all kids for that matter more often!

Kids have rockin great ideas!

What's your kid idea today? (not your kid's idea but Your kid idea although I would love to hear your kid's ideas too :)  xxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Bot Smot is one of my daughter Nyla's creations, to get Bot Smot's cool tie die look simply... accidentally spill your water all over him.  At first, Nyla was a little freaked out and it was almost a crying disaster when I walked into the room.  It's all better now that we realized Bot Smot just wanted a new look.  Here's Bot Smot saying good bye to his winter white.   Spring's just around the corner...are you ready for a new look? 

Hey, how's your dream doing?  Does it need a new look too?  xxxxoooo Michelle   

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm a Proud Wall Flower...

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have to admit I'm one of those shy types, I like to stand back and take it all in and when I see or hear something I love I want to shout it to the world...

I just love, love this beautiful flower backdrop, you can get all the how to's from Nicole's inspiring blog.

I wasn't quite as ambitious as Nicole (I got too excited and I really didn't have a place in mind to hang it when I started) , mine is 3' x 4' and instead of using her recommended backdrop I used a 3 part poster board thing from the craft store.  I used those Command strip things to hang it.  I'm still not sure where I want to hang it (which makes those Command strips so great).  I might turn it into a headboard; I'm just not sure where this "Wall Flower" is going to be when she grows up :)

Thank you again Nicole for being so generous as to share this amazingly easy and dreamy idea!  You ROCK!

Here's to all those beautiful "Wall Flowers" out there! Keep being YOU!   :) xxxxoooo Michelle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We thought you should have options for your birthday cake :)

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday Dear Mama JJ! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!

Have the best birthday ever!! Mom, as I get older I realize more and more that I'm like you and that makes me so happy! I don't know how I got so lucky to have a Mom so caring and supportive and positively fun but boy did I luck out!

As I do everyday I wish we lived close so that we could hug you often but as always I'm so thankful for our daily calls.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us all along the way, they have not gone unnoticed and thanks for helping me be the best mommy that I can be.

Here's to celebrating your special day! We love you so much!!

Sending you lots of birthday love and hugs!
Missy, Andy and Nyla

...and thanks for teaching me at a young age that it is perfectly ok to have cake in the morning!  :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I hope your Sunday is filled with all the answers you need!
My baby girl has been sick :( and I'm slowly getting caught up on stuff.

I'll be back in a few days...

sending you gobs of love and inspiration that knocks everyones socks off! xxxxoooo Michelle

SHMOOP definition taken from Urban Dictionary (I like 2 &3 the best :)

term of endearment or pet name between annoying lovers who constantly PDA

To give someone (often, a student or child) an encouraging nudge in the right direction. Yiddish origin.
to lay around, snuggle, and/or be a waste of life...and love every minute of it.