Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bubbly Book... Squeezy DIY

This DIY is easy & squeezy!  I mean who can't resist bubble wrap!!!

Just grab some bubble wrap and clear wrapping paper cut into as many rectangles as you want pages.  (I just used 1 of each) fill with fun sweetness, tape edges of clear paper to keep all confetti in. Tie with a pretty ribbon for the book binder and mail.

I love how the binder ribbon looks like a hair bow on my bubble pop girl, totally by accident but cute huh?  And since pages are see threw you get a twofer on your designs :)

Your bubbly book friend will giggle from your sweetness.  I'm going to mail mine to Nyla, I think she's going to love it - who wouldn't love fun, squeezy mail? 

I think this would also be perfect present for little little ones.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

PEACE PLEASE... Peace Pilgrim

Today, I let myself imagine how it must have felt to be PEACE PILGRIM.
 Peace Pilgrim was a cherished walking advocate for peace.  She started her pilgrimage in 1953, walking over 25,000 miles before she stopped counting the miles in 1964.  She continued walking & speaking on behalf of peace until her death in 1981.  She walked alone & without a penny only carrying a comb, compact toothbrush, pen, copies of her message & her correspondence. 

Peace Pilgrim relied on the kindness of others and walked until she was given food & a place to sleep. From the  dusty roads to the city streets she continually spread the word of peace. By the end of her life she had walked through all 50 states almost 7 times, parts of Canada & Mexico, a kind gentleman flew her to Alaska & Hawaii.

In honor of PEACE PILGRIM , International Peace Day as well as all others lets remember the peace and purity in us all.

Peace Pilgrim was from Egg Harbor City,NJ and every year in remembrance of her and International Peace Day they celebrate with a walk in her neighborhood and a fun local lunch & festivities. 

Thank you!

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Today, Nyla & I participated in a walk to celebrate & remember Peace Pilgrim. 

At the beginning of the walk my mind was cluttered with stresses of I don't even know - silly stuff but as my foot steps hit the pavement I started to embrace the crunchy leaves, the beginning merges of fall, the kind words of strangers, the quiet neighborhood & mostly Nyla holding my hand every so often.  Peace emerged within me, settled and stayed.  Yay!

Spread the word, Peace feels amazing!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Curvy... Magazine Style! ... Easy DIY

I love this crafty!! Especially since I have tons of old magazines laying around!

Just grab some old magazines or catalogs, some glue (I took mine from Nyla's crafty stash), fishing line or ribbon & if you really want to get fancy some stick on circles.

All you have to do is divide the magazine or catalog in half and fold & glue your pages until your done with both sides.  For my magazines, I folded 2 or 3 pages together, my catalogs were thicker so I just folded 1 page then glued.  (I wasn't exact either some I folded a different way depending on the colors of the page)

I had these perfect, loopy-accordian pedestals on my coffee table forever. I think they make a perfect little perch for our little bird friend :)

then I decided to hang them and 

I love this just as much! To me, it's like a curvy little kite floating in my living room...

I stuck little circle stickers all over my fishing line (one circle on each side of lineand tucked the line in one of the magazine folds and taped the line to secure it.  

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

with grace and glory.   

Special thanks to Nyla and Martine.  Nyla was playing with Martine, he was the president of all dogs and this was his photoshoot.  I think his look fits the mood of 9/11.

What I was doing on September 11th

I remember this day, we just flew into the JFK airport on Sept.l0 from Costa Rica.  I often wonder whether the people on that plane got caught in the mayhem of the day of Sept 11th.  

We were so happy that morning to be in our country.  We had been without hot water, TV,  phones, our local familiarity for months. Too excited to be at home we went to a friend's house for coffee on the morning of Sept 11th.

We were pumped, Andy was excited because there were welcome back waves.  As we were watching the disaster unfold on TV we couldn't believe our eyes; it took more than just a moment to realize it was real and it just kept getting worse.  We were just in that airport the day before.

On the beach a little later as Andy went surfing, there was tension in the water; a since of aggravation and surliness, disbelief.  You could see the smoke billowing in the far, far distance...

I don't know anyone personally whose life was lost that day. I know our friends in Costa Rica felt our country's loss.  They were concerned for us, cried for us and our country & they weren't sure if we were on that flight.  It tooks weeks for us to get word to them that we were ok.  Our daughter will never know how flight travel use to be.  We are different now.    

Happy Birthday, Shelly!  You add the sparkly, freshness that this day needs.  We love you!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

I think... If you think of all the things you love instead of all the things that you have to do... then you will have a fabulously happy day.

Here are a few of my loves for this moment
(Of course this list is forever growing & changing like me :)

I love the way my heart skips a beat when Andy calls when he's away on a fishing trip even after all these years
I love the way my dog Martine, nestles and nozzles in his covers and then finally plops, I love his plop
I love the sound our dogs make as they are eating and drinking, crunch, crunch, crunch, lap, lap, lap
I love the way Nyla gives feelings and names to everything, for instance she says you have to be kind to our home otherwise its feelings will get hurt.
I love being alone
I love the smell of coming rain and that there is a word for that, Petrichor
I love that I fall in love with new things daily
I love blogging
I love to be inspired
I love going on inspirational walks and drives
I love great food
I love my childhood & I'm lovin Nyla's
I love my family
I love that I can put on my lip gloss without a mirror
I love surprise acts of kindness
I love pretty mirrors
I love my dream, to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot
I love my computer and camera
I love that I can see, feel, taste, touch and speak
I love palm trees
I love me
I love my cellulite, I just wish it didn't go everywhere with me
I love pretty thank you notes
I love to send pretty thank you notes & fun mail
I love our home in Costa Rica
I love cows, I love their beautiful eyes
I love my moms daily phone call
I love that I will find new things to love tomorrow
I love hammocks
I love chicken n dumplins
I love when time stands still when I need it to
I love music that makes me feel
I love my dog, Dodger's total lovey dovey attitude and my other dog Martine is completely opposite 
I love my daydreams
I love my pj's
I love rainbows and I love how everyone loves rainbows
I love God
I love art
I love color, poppy, bright, vibrant colors
I love my family
I love to walk
I love old people and their soft, wrinkly, drapey skin or their tough worn spotted skin depending on the life they've lead, I love them all
I love my freedom
I love monkeys
I love children’s giggles
I love Eskimo, butterfly & well french kisses :)
I love Reiki
I love Nyla’s daily words of wisdom
I love my bed & that I have one
I love Andy’s laugh

What are you lovin' today?

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shepherd's Pie...Turkey style!

Since, I don't eat red meat or pork, I have no idea how Shepard's Pie taste; but I just love the idea of mash potatoes loaded with peas & carrots dripping in gravy all in a pie crust!! 

So, I make my version using ground Turkey and it is delicious; so hometown perfect and cozy all snuggled up in a pie.  

I'm a "little of this & that" recipe kinda girl so season & add to your taste.

ground turkey
chicken broth (32 oz)
carrots (chopped, I like a lot)
frozen peas (about 8 oz)  
onion (large & chopped)
garlic (about 3 cloves finely chopped)
mashed potatoes
(2) 9-inch deep dish pie crust
thyme (lots)
salt & pepper season to taste

1.  Boil your potatoes
2.  Saute your ground turkey in olive oil with onion, garlic & carrots.  Season w/thyme, salt & pepper
3.  Add chicken broth & frozen peas.  Let it get good and bubbly, throw in a couple pats of butter
4.  Add a little flour to your brothy yumminess to thicken it a little
5.  While it's boiling, mash your potatoes and season to your liking (more butter:)
6.  Now put your pie crusts on a foil lined cookie sheet
7.  Load the pies with your turkey broth (I always score the bottom of crust a little)
8.  Top with mashed potatoes
9.  Bake for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees cover with aluminum foil
10. Let pies rest for a little bit about 15 minutes

My broth did not get super thick, which worked out great - pies weren't dry and I did have extra broth to pour on.

The perfect thing about this meal is that it makes two!  Perfect to share with a friend or save for later.  It is a little time consuming to make but so worth it!! 

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