Monday, September 9, 2013

I think... If you think of all the things you love instead of all the things that you have to do... then you will have a fabulously happy day.

Here are a few of my loves for this moment
(Of course this list is forever growing & changing like me :)

I love the way my heart skips a beat when Andy calls when he's away on a fishing trip even after all these years
I love the way my dog Martine, nestles and nozzles in his covers and then finally plops, I love his plop
I love the sound our dogs make as they are eating and drinking, crunch, crunch, crunch, lap, lap, lap
I love the way Nyla gives feelings and names to everything, for instance she says you have to be kind to our home otherwise its feelings will get hurt.
I love being alone
I love the smell of coming rain and that there is a word for that, Petrichor
I love that I fall in love with new things daily
I love blogging
I love to be inspired
I love going on inspirational walks and drives
I love great food
I love my childhood & I'm lovin Nyla's
I love my family
I love that I can put on my lip gloss without a mirror
I love surprise acts of kindness
I love pretty mirrors
I love my dream, to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot
I love my computer and camera
I love that I can see, feel, taste, touch and speak
I love palm trees
I love me
I love my cellulite, I just wish it didn't go everywhere with me
I love pretty thank you notes
I love to send pretty thank you notes & fun mail
I love our home in Costa Rica
I love cows, I love their beautiful eyes
I love my moms daily phone call
I love that I will find new things to love tomorrow
I love hammocks
I love chicken n dumplins
I love when time stands still when I need it to
I love music that makes me feel
I love my dog, Dodger's total lovey dovey attitude and my other dog Martine is completely opposite 
I love my daydreams
I love my pj's
I love rainbows and I love how everyone loves rainbows
I love God
I love art
I love color, poppy, bright, vibrant colors
I love my family
I love to walk
I love old people and their soft, wrinkly, drapey skin or their tough worn spotted skin depending on the life they've lead, I love them all
I love my freedom
I love monkeys
I love children’s giggles
I love Eskimo, butterfly & well french kisses :)
I love Reiki
I love Nyla’s daily words of wisdom
I love my bed & that I have one
I love Andy’s laugh

What are you lovin' today?

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