Thursday, September 19, 2013

Curvy... Magazine Style! ... Easy DIY

I love this crafty!! Especially since I have tons of old magazines laying around!

Just grab some old magazines or catalogs, some glue (I took mine from Nyla's crafty stash), fishing line or ribbon & if you really want to get fancy some stick on circles.

All you have to do is divide the magazine or catalog in half and fold & glue your pages until your done with both sides.  For my magazines, I folded 2 or 3 pages together, my catalogs were thicker so I just folded 1 page then glued.  (I wasn't exact either some I folded a different way depending on the colors of the page)

I had these perfect, loopy-accordian pedestals on my coffee table forever. I think they make a perfect little perch for our little bird friend :)

then I decided to hang them and 

I love this just as much! To me, it's like a curvy little kite floating in my living room...

I stuck little circle stickers all over my fishing line (one circle on each side of lineand tucked the line in one of the magazine folds and taped the line to secure it.  

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