Wednesday, September 11, 2013

with grace and glory.   

Special thanks to Nyla and Martine.  Nyla was playing with Martine, he was the president of all dogs and this was his photoshoot.  I think his look fits the mood of 9/11.

What I was doing on September 11th

I remember this day, we just flew into the JFK airport on Sept.l0 from Costa Rica.  I often wonder whether the people on that plane got caught in the mayhem of the day of Sept 11th.  

We were so happy that morning to be in our country.  We had been without hot water, TV,  phones, our local familiarity for months. Too excited to be at home we went to a friend's house for coffee on the morning of Sept 11th.

We were pumped, Andy was excited because there were welcome back waves.  As we were watching the disaster unfold on TV we couldn't believe our eyes; it took more than just a moment to realize it was real and it just kept getting worse.  We were just in that airport the day before.

On the beach a little later as Andy went surfing, there was tension in the water; a since of aggravation and surliness, disbelief.  You could see the smoke billowing in the far, far distance...

I don't know anyone personally whose life was lost that day. I know our friends in Costa Rica felt our country's loss.  They were concerned for us, cried for us and our country & they weren't sure if we were on that flight.  It tooks weeks for us to get word to them that we were ok.  Our daughter will never know how flight travel use to be.  We are different now.    

Happy Birthday, Shelly!  You add the sparkly, freshness that this day needs.  We love you!

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