Thursday, October 31, 2013


For Nyla's 9th birthday party she decided she wanted a Spy/Detective party.  YAY! I have to tell you I umm WE had so much fun!!

I had the lunch bags & red tape, so I thought why not make a secret agent invite. So easy! I just typed up some party info and Nyla customized each one. Just cost a regular stamp to mail. This invite was undercover cheap!

Party Favors:

Every Secret Agent needs a spy stash! We used discarded old books and cut out the middle.  Wrapped them in brown paper, added initials to customize and stuck a wallet in there. We also included a mustache, magnifying glass & notebook.

Agent ID's:
We had "Agents" randomly pick a color from a hat and a name from another hat
and came up with some super funny Spy names.
(We used paint samples for the colors and I pre-printed & cut out the names. After they picked them I taped the names to the color and slipped them into the plastic name tags)

Spy Training:
1.  Fingerprinting:  After the spy's in training picked out their spy names then of course they had to be fingerprinted & pick out their trench coats & mustaches.  Spy's had the choice of pink or black ink.  (totally needed wipes after) It was so cute seeing their tiny fingerprints, hopefully, that's the only time huh!!
2. Truth Serum: Of course every spy comes
across some truth serum at some point! (I filled little florist tubes-Thanks Andy!)  with a variety of Nyla's favorites & added straws-  "Spys" got it, loved it,quesion it &/or hated it - which all are perfect "spy" qualities. 
3.  Laser Beam Obstacle course:  We had our little spy's maneuver a "laser beam" obstacle course.  Which they totally loved, this was by far the best part of spy training! Simply tied a bunch of black yarn on our porch.  It was awesome!  
4.  Missing Evidence Game:  Simply filled a suitcase with stuff, let them look then closed it, took stuff out & had guess whats missing.  We did this a couple of times.  
5. Toss the dynamite:
This game happened so fast, my head was spinning! It seems toilet paper rolls filled with candy makes quite a quick blast!

6.  Target practice:  At the last minute, Nyla disguised herself, I snapped a picture, printed it & she cut it out.  I still had some red paper, cut it out in a circle and bamb! Shoot the villian was born.
During spy training, I snuck & rang the door bell, leaving an envelope. The mission was simple,  "Dr. Evil Chaos" stole the goodie bags & threatened to blow them up.  The clues were funny, basically we had the kids run all over the place & they LOVED it!

(the bomb was simple; oatmeal container, egg timer, left over wire, tape & loaded it with candy)

I typed a bunch of clues, one of them was on edible decorating paper with a food marker, kids got a big kick out of it, but first they were so excited that it was in a cereal box, they ripped it, then had to put it together and finally "eat the evidence"
We also had 9 balloons; 1 with a clue & they had to pop the balloon bombs to get the clue.  

EVIDENCE:First we had pizza but quickly had to get back to the mission!  & Almost forgot to go back & have the cupcakes!!!

Basically, this was the easiest, funnest party ever!!  Just some typing, printing & a bunch of tape.  The main thing was having Nyla's best buds there to celebrate! She sure does have a great bunch of friends :) Thank you  little "Spy, Secret Agents" we love you all!!! Our "spy dogs", Dodger & Martine were pretty good too! It was a great day!

Super Spy thanks to these amazing blogs, we got so many great ideas from them!!!  I couldn't have done this without you! :)

FRUGAL FAMILY TIMES  passports & other cool stuff! 
GROW CREATIVE (cereal box clue)

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I fell in love with this toothy treat!

Just bake some cookies, let cool, cut cookie in half, spread some yummy Nutella on each side (one side bottom side down), then top with mini marshmallows and press together.  Then let the giggles and yummy in my tummy begin! :)

(I packed this little monster in Nyla's lunch- got rave reviews, totally kid approved!)

Super thanks to Pillsbury's Halloween booklet for this fab recipe!  

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Monday, October 21, 2013


Nyla & I went to a fun-filled artsy day at the Noyes Museum.  It was loaded with all kinds of fantastic artsy inspiration, here's one I just had to share!

Cut water bottle to create flower shape using the top of the water bottle, save cap, prime white and paint!   How easy, huh?! 

To create a "field of flowers" just attach flower to one side of chicken wire screen & screw the cap to the other side.

Thanks Noyes Museum for always inspiring me! :)

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Friday, October 18, 2013


I grabbed some cool duck tape and with a BAM & POW I'm done :)

I just recently painted our kitchen white (yes, I know why white... well, I just couldn't decide on a color and I can glam it up with splashy accessories)  

So, I changed our beige light switches to white but the flip switch part is still boring beige. Who knows when I can get to switch that part out but now I don't have to worry about that for awhile :)

Have fun today, superhero style!!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Googly Eyes Crafty...

This is about as easy as it gets, which is just my style!

Just get some styrofoam circles & glue black circles on them.  Bam, your done! (cookie monster's in the house!)  

I stuck push pins into the Styrofoam and stuck them on the wall. (I used the stick up kind of pin and put them in backwards so that the pointy part would go in the wall) 

I totally tried to make them like Halloween eyes but I guess sweet and funny is more my style. They totally make me laugh, I have them peeking out everywhere.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

little game of Glad Book - easy DIY

I had these little pieces of paper that I cut out of an old, discarded book from the library.  (that's a future blog post crafty) I just couldn't throw them away, they looked so cute.  So, instead I turned them into a new book.

A Glad Book.  It's a little game of Glad - book. It's obvious all the things we should be glad about, every minute of every day.  Sometimes we forget the obvious.  

With this little book, it will help with that.  Just turn the page and circle a word that makes you glad.  
Then on the next white page write why. You can even draw a little picture.

To make this easy peasy Glad Book:
Cut out pages from an old, unused book. (you can make it any size, mines tiny and I used 6 pages)
Cut out white pages the same size (I had 5 pages)
Use a hole punch & make 3 holes (or staple)
Tie with pretty little ribbon

Early readers can be glad too, just customize book to their taste and have them search for fun words from a subject they enjoy. 

Super big time thanks to one of my favorite author's SARK for inspiring me to make my little book. For giddiness & inspiration abundance you gotta check out her books, you will feel the love immediately!


I'm so GLAD you stopped by!! My blog door is always open.  I hope you have a silly filled day :)

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