Monday, October 14, 2013

little game of Glad Book - easy DIY

I had these little pieces of paper that I cut out of an old, discarded book from the library.  (that's a future blog post crafty) I just couldn't throw them away, they looked so cute.  So, instead I turned them into a new book.

A Glad Book.  It's a little game of Glad - book. It's obvious all the things we should be glad about, every minute of every day.  Sometimes we forget the obvious.  

With this little book, it will help with that.  Just turn the page and circle a word that makes you glad.  
Then on the next white page write why. You can even draw a little picture.

To make this easy peasy Glad Book:
Cut out pages from an old, unused book. (you can make it any size, mines tiny and I used 6 pages)
Cut out white pages the same size (I had 5 pages)
Use a hole punch & make 3 holes (or staple)
Tie with pretty little ribbon

Early readers can be glad too, just customize book to their taste and have them search for fun words from a subject they enjoy. 

Super big time thanks to one of my favorite author's SARK for inspiring me to make my little book. For giddiness & inspiration abundance you gotta check out her books, you will feel the love immediately!


I'm so GLAD you stopped by!! My blog door is always open.  I hope you have a silly filled day :)

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  1. This is such a great idea! Such a good way to remember the good things in life :)


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