Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yellow Belt - Yay!

Hi! It's Nyla
Guess what I just got my yellow belt!

Nyla received her yellow belt right before we left on vacation, so I'm a little late sharing the news but boy are we excited and proud!

I just love watching her and all the other students in class.  They always look so happy! 
Karate is one of the first classes that Nyla has remained excited about and is eager to go to.  

Master Moon and his staff do an excellent job with these kids, it amazes me - these kids (some are so tiny!) are amazingly attentive, think nothing of learning a new language, easily pick up all the different kicks, blocks and punches and most important  learn about self discipline and respecting their country, family, teacher, team and self.  Nyla's confidence has soared and her kicks are to the moon!

I didn't know anything about this world of martial arts; It wasn't available to me as a child but I am so glad that Nyla opened this world to me! 

For a little more information about the Kum Sung Martial Arts that Nyla belongs to click here:  Master Moon's facebook page.

What kind of new world is a child going to open up for you today?  

xxxxoooo Michelle (a very proud parent!)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

flipflops to snowboots...

Well... I'm back!  I went from squelching, succulent hot to brrr layers of clothes, hardened ground that has lingering powdered snow and the constant search for a hot chocolate instead of an icy cold michulata.  I still haven't gotten the sand off my toes as I'm tucking them in my snow boots!

It was such a shock as we headed out of the airport, raced for the shuttle into the frozey 20 degree F night air in only a sweatshirt!  

Atleast, I have the memories of good times; I still feel the great hugs from family and friends and I smile because I have a little secret...my  skin is a golden, caramelized tan hidden underneath all those bundles of clothes that I'm stuck wearing...until the next time :)

I guess this is what my future daydreams will be about! Have an amazing day, where ever you are! xxxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dream with a view...

I mean it!  Keep dreaming it's so much fun!

Pic taken while grabbin' a bite at Witches Rock Surf Camp. Check them out here!

(I'm taking some days to dream, not sure if I'll be able to check in but hey you can join me,  :)
xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resolutions not my word anymore!

DESIRES!  woo doesn't that sound soo much better than Resolutions!  I can't take credit for this succulent word, credit goes all to one of my best buds, Maureen.  Thanks chickie for giving me such a new outlook on those - now desirable changes I wish to make!

I know it's not right off the bat, the new year is slipping on.  Some of us are already starting to wane a little from our "resolutions" and that is just my point.  Who slips away from "Desires", I mean wow, we run to those bad boys so to speak!

One of my "Desires" is to change my thought pattern, expand my brain into the positive, fun zone that I always want to be in.  Because, if I start expanding my word choices then my daughter will too, I learn so much from Nyla, she is an amazing positive free spirit and I want her to stay that way.  My point is don't we all want to be positive, fun, people in this world? and it can start one word at a time... Now, doesn't that sound well desirable

Is there one word that you could change that would turn your world around? Remember, our old resolution friend got a makeover and is  now proud and a "Desire" for all.

I'm not gonna go into all my "Desires" for 2013.
 (to be honest, I haven't really thought of them all yet :)

But here's some:
Evolve my blog as I do.  I have to say, I really have grown to love this beautiful thing, its been such a fantastic, learning experience and Wow,  It's so freeing when I figure something out!

I'm not promising myself the moon, right now, I just want to dip my toes into the blog pool, gently dangling with my swimmies on.  One day, I know I'll feel comfortable in the deep end and I'm excited at the possibilities :)  

Find the voice for my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot.  Follow where my heart leads me and submit to publishers that make sense.  Refresh and expand my vision for my dreamy book.

Mainly, Dream as big as the universe, join me, it will be a freeing!

xxxxoooo Michelle

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Laundry Art

The other day, Nyla and one of her best buds, Otto were playing with the water guns - way past summer.  Anyway, eventually I took them and decided they were pretty cool.

So I hung them up in my  Office, hmm, well laundry room. At one point, I had envisioned my laundry room to be neat and organized and kind of a sanctuary for me, a little sneaky place for me to hide.  I even have a little sofa in there.    Well, its rarely that and most of the time I try to get out of there as quick as I can!  My sofa is usually stuffed with clothes that never seem to get folded or put away and oh, those socks that never have a match!  Ya know,  I really don't get since were such a small family!  So, I thought, I'm gonna have to use my super Mommy powers and that's why I hung up those water guns and Nyla's cape.  

I actually wore that cape for most of our Sunday, one of my lazy days until Nyla said, "Mommy when are you gonna take that cape off and get out of your pj's."  

I'm gonna blast anybody who adds one piece of laundry or mess to my "Office" - once I get it all straightened up :), and that's how I'm gonna achieve my laundry room dilemma!  By being a water gun totten, cape wearing "in my mind" super hero!  

How do you do to conquer those pesky chores?  To read more of my super hero silliness click here.  I hope you have a fun-filled, super hero kind of day!  xxxxoooo Michelle

Join me at this cool party!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flower child turned Work of Art

I know Halloween has passed, but since we missed it due to Hurricane Sandy, we didn't get to go trick-or-treating and I never got to share Nyla's cute costume! 
I guess duty calls...Flower Power to the Rescue!

  ...and since it was so cute, I just couldn't let it go to the costume stash so we decided to hang it as art in our playroom. This is my little  tribute to my girl!  She's always wanted to fly, she asked for a jet pack for her birthday AND Christmas.  Our playroom is also our home "Museum", we love being creative here so we like to change the exhibit every so often. Check out one of our past exhibits it's called Bookie Art.

I found this totally adorable Halloween Costume here as soon as Nyla saw it, she fell in love and so did I!  I just had to share it with you, cause I think it's just the sweetest!

We grabbed some leggins and a shirt with smuggies and stains, made several trips to the dollar store, hung out with the glue gun and got busy.  It was so easy and I actually did a little multi-tasking while making it (I think talking on the phone with a friend while glue gunning is pretty talented :)   

Nyla was gonna give it her special touch by adding some butterfly wings and instead of a flower hat she decided she wanted to use a flower headband that she already had.

Thank you so much ohhappyday for making our day and sharing this adorable, cute as a button costume now turned work of ART!   

xxxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Troll blast from past craft...easy

Nyla fell in love with her BFF's troll dolls this Christmas! Thankfully her BFF, Stella is super sweet and gave one to her.  These cute little things reminded me of a craft that I use to make when hmm... I was about Nyla's age.  I made so many of them my Mom took them to work and sold them :) 
(super Thanks Mom for selling them...well buying them).

 I use to call them "frustration pencils" cause when your mad, you whirl them in your hands and then smooth them.  Nyla thought, Fluffy Writer Friends was a better name and I agree :)  These cute little guys are kinda like the stress ball of the workplace or classroom.

I could only find white fur but back in the day when I had my "business" I had all colors, even multi-colors. 
This is a super easy craft, just your fingers might get a little gluey.

First make a part in your fur (easiest with a comb), our sizes varied but mostly about 4-5 inches to top of fur, then cut.

grab your pencil, I liked to cover up the #2 writing, then squeeze some glue and roll tight, gluing along the way.

tie with a pretty ribbon, add googly eyes and your done!

xxxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Traditional New Years Day dinner...

I just have to share our little southern tradition...

cabbage rolls for money, black eye peas for luck, cornbread for just good ole bellie yumminess!

My Recipe (Keep in mind I do a little of this and that, so add to your taste)

Soak Black Eye Peas
Then bring to boil, add chopped onion, garlic lots of salt, chicken cube,  turn down and put a lid on - slightly open, keep checking every so often to see if they need more salt. I throw in a bunch of fresh spinach a couple minutes before serving.

Take apart the cabbage leaves and lightly steam them, cut off or thin the stem part (makes it easier for rolling up bundles)
In the pot put a little bit of tomatoes so bundles won't burn

in a big bowl add ground turkey, a bit of white rice (not too much or your bundles will blow up and be super dry, I did that once), a can of whole tomatoes - makes it so fun for squishing; Nyla loves that part!, a bit of cinnamon, lots of salt, pepper, some sugar and pats of butter.

Add change, this is the most important part!!

Nyla likes to add money to each roll, but you can throw it in the pot, we did both.  Ours never turn out perfect by any means and by the time I serve them there kinda like bundle blobs but I love them just the same, its not about perfection. Careful with the toothpicks, I always prick my fingers.

Put bundly rolls in Pot, Pour left over mixture over rolls (this is how I see if their done, when rice is cooked their usually ready), add more can tomatoes, maybe a little bit of water and some more butter.  Our house likes them good and juicy, my Mom use to put a gravy pitcher on the table with the juice in case they were dry.  

Bring to a Boil, then simmer for awhile probably about 30-45 min. but this is kinda a no hurry meal so as long as their on low their good!, Check on them, when white rice is done they should be ready.  

Meanwhile, make a pot of yellow rice.

Straight out of the box, Jiffy!  It's the best, I just add a small can of cream corn per box.

I also made a pot of cabbage rolls with beef for my husband to take on a fishing trip, since I don't eat red meat or pork he never really gets that stuff at home. I made it the same way, but since I don't eat it I'm not sure how it turned out.  Nyla said both were great, friends agreed.

Since we're a small family, I have been eating the left overs, still super yummy, this makes a perfect winter time meal too, just without the money :)

(Be careful of money and toothpicks when eating) This is a great year, I'm loving this moment of reveling in the possibilities!  xxxoooo Michelle

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I've got my black-eye peas cookin, stuffed cabbage rolls started, cornbread ready for the oven, friends will be over soon.  This year is starting out fantastic!  Sending you all love, hugs and happiness! xxxxoooo Michelle