Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flower child turned Work of Art

I know Halloween has passed, but since we missed it due to Hurricane Sandy, we didn't get to go trick-or-treating and I never got to share Nyla's cute costume! 
I guess duty calls...Flower Power to the Rescue!

  ...and since it was so cute, I just couldn't let it go to the costume stash so we decided to hang it as art in our playroom. This is my little  tribute to my girl!  She's always wanted to fly, she asked for a jet pack for her birthday AND Christmas.  Our playroom is also our home "Museum", we love being creative here so we like to change the exhibit every so often. Check out one of our past exhibits it's called Bookie Art.

I found this totally adorable Halloween Costume here as soon as Nyla saw it, she fell in love and so did I!  I just had to share it with you, cause I think it's just the sweetest!

We grabbed some leggins and a shirt with smuggies and stains, made several trips to the dollar store, hung out with the glue gun and got busy.  It was so easy and I actually did a little multi-tasking while making it (I think talking on the phone with a friend while glue gunning is pretty talented :)   

Nyla was gonna give it her special touch by adding some butterfly wings and instead of a flower hat she decided she wanted to use a flower headband that she already had.

Thank you so much ohhappyday for making our day and sharing this adorable, cute as a button costume now turned work of ART!   

xxxxxoooo Michelle


  1. How awesome is it that Nyla wants a jet pack!? I want one too!

    I love the words on the ceiling in the playroom, so cute!


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