Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yellow Belt - Yay!

Hi! It's Nyla
Guess what I just got my yellow belt!

Nyla received her yellow belt right before we left on vacation, so I'm a little late sharing the news but boy are we excited and proud!

I just love watching her and all the other students in class.  They always look so happy! 
Karate is one of the first classes that Nyla has remained excited about and is eager to go to.  

Master Moon and his staff do an excellent job with these kids, it amazes me - these kids (some are so tiny!) are amazingly attentive, think nothing of learning a new language, easily pick up all the different kicks, blocks and punches and most important  learn about self discipline and respecting their country, family, teacher, team and self.  Nyla's confidence has soared and her kicks are to the moon!

I didn't know anything about this world of martial arts; It wasn't available to me as a child but I am so glad that Nyla opened this world to me! 

For a little more information about the Kum Sung Martial Arts that Nyla belongs to click here:  Master Moon's facebook page.

What kind of new world is a child going to open up for you today?  

xxxxoooo Michelle (a very proud parent!)


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