Friday, February 1, 2013

Ovaltine, Whipped Cream & Bling...

I haven't had a good cup of Ovaltine since I was a child, so when I saw it in the store the other day, I had to have it.  This morning was the day I relived that childhood memory of that yummy, malty drink; and I shared it with my child which is way cool and wow too.  The cup has changed (now I have a fancy, blingy cup thanks to Nyla and Andy) and added some whip cream.  But it still created the same happy smiles!  Once we got our to-go cup ready we were off to take Nyla to school and that's when we realized it was snowing!

  Delicate, little snowflakes gently falling.  I'm not a winter person by any means but at this very moment, I feel pretty special to see these little gifts.  And now, Nyla has a little extra bling in her hair!
Nyla's created this for you!  She's sending you snowflake smiles (Beyla, Sadie, Aiden, Amaya and Makala:)

I hope you find the smiles and bling where ever you are!   xxxxxooooo Michelle

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