Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Summer is in full swing at my house, between pool & park time we managed to squeeze in a little marshmallow combat.
How to make Marshmallow Shooters

I got this great & super easy how-to from Come Together Kids.

We tested them with big marshmallows, medium stale ones & mini ones and the MINI ones rocked it the best; big ones are more the close up range! (Sorry Otto, after we dropped you off we zoomed & got the mini ones)

We also shot them up & tried to catch them in our shooter cup &/or mouth which we didn't manage either one :) 
How to make Marshmallow Shooters
Mines the pink & black zebra striped one :)

Run & get your silo cups/balloons/tape & marshmallows...the challenge is on :)  

Thanks again Laura from Come Together Kids for this super fun idea & tutorial!!  & Otto for hangin' with us, as always your a blast!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chocolate ice cream cups...YUMMY!

A perfect little chocolate cup filled with ice cream made for my little lovebug!  

We made a bunch of these chocolate cups in the morning in hopes of a fun little desert for a playdate surprise.  But when one of Nyla's bff's said she didn't like vanilla ice cream (it's all we had) & she had to leave earlier than expected; this turned out perfect since only one actually turned out.

If your daring to give this yummy treat a try...
Here's how we did it.

We blew up water balloons (they were thinner but formed a rounder bottom than regular balloons that we had)

Melted chocolate and then we were ready to dip.  First dip went well.. then, sporatically a few balloons burst due to the chocolate temperature causing chocolate to fly EVERYWHERE! Nyla wasn't that into doing this so early in the morning either.  I think its best to spray the balloon with cooking spray before dipping, which I didn't think of until probably the end (and that's the yummy one in the picture.) 

We decided to roll our balloons in sprinkles. The sprinkles decided to roll all over the counter & floor. 

Place dipped balloons on a pan sprayed with cooking spray & freeze.  Once frozen, pop balloons & ever so gently remove balloons.  (I actually did this with the pan in the freezer)

Instead of scooping the ice cream into our little sprinkled chocolate cup I put some into a home made pastry baggie & squeezed it.  This gave it a more soft ice cream look and that's Nyla's favorite.     

Would I make this again? You betcha, its super yummy; I just have to recover from the chocolate/sprinkle explosion in my kitchen :)

don't worry...the little cups that didn't turn out made yummy little ice cream toppings, so none of this went to waste; even the exploded chocolate all over my kitchen was finger lickin' good :)
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(just make sure you make those changes I mentioned - spray balloon with cooking spray & watch the chocolate temperature but be prepared for chocolate explosions - hey at least its yummy!)

I'm sharing this recipe at these cool parties, come join me!!
The Weekend Re-Treat!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I just love fun mail & I'm sure everyone else does too!  So, instead of throwing these little soap boxes away, Nyla & I decided to fill them with fun stuff & mail the party!

Here's some of the silly things we put in our party surprise.

Nyla decided her fun stuff was too big to fit in the little box so she tucked it all in an envelope.  She mailed it to her MaMa JJ.

I mailed mine to Auntie Kym.

I think they turned out pretty good & who doesn't love fun mail!! (plus the box has a nice soapy fragrance from the soap - thanks ZEST) 

Here's another idea for some FUN MAIL  and in case you missed it, how to make MINI HUGS.

Have a fun, silly day!!

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I'm hanging here, come join me!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mini Hugs...

I had these little white circle sticker things

and I wrote on them and made these....

now I'm going to mail them.    

post signature ( I hope you get your hugs today!  :)

Poofy Cheeks

I didn't mean to be on break & I didn't realize I was for awhile.  I've just gotten caught up in the summer time fun & laziness of having no schedule.  I hope your enjoying your day! I'll be back soon but if you want to e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you!  daydreamingmommy at gmail dot com.
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