Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is an amazing once in 4 years kinda day, I thought I would just give you a little reminder of what the definition of a leap year is. I found this so powerful!  I made the last part bold and big, to remind you that if any part of your dream has gone "a drift" then this is your perfect BONUS OPPORTUNITY DAY! I love these days! Also, as you will see I added little picture treasures of what we talked about during the month of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing (for additional info refer to past posts)
def. from Wikepedia
A leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one additional day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, a month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.[1] Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected.
I am so inspired by you, that's what your dream is saying!

I love my superhero juice! 

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SUCH AN INSPIRATION, just because Lovin our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing month is almost over doesn't mean that you stop lovin your dreams!! DREAM BEAMS will remain here for a constant reminder for you and you are a continuous reminder to not only YOU but to all of US that dreams rock! todo mundo!
xxxxoooo Michelle

I love my dream! 私は夢を愛しています!Jeg elsker min drøm! J'aime mon rêve ! Ich liebe meinen Traum! Αγαπώ το όνειρό μου! Amo il mio sogno! Jeg elsker min drøm ! Kocham moje marzenia!Eu amo meu sonho! Я люблю мою мечту! ¡Adoro mi sueño! Jag älskar min dröm! ฉันรักความฝันของผม” I love rüyamın!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I know we have 1 more day left in February for Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing but I just could not wait to give you this!  This is YOUR certificate,  Yes, It's official, you are now a Dream Beam, one who encourages, supports, loves and lives their dreams!

(to print it out just right click on picture and click save as... don't forget to sign your name)

Be proud of your dreams, I am!

xxxxoooo Michelle

I'll see you tomorrow for 1 more day of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing, then we'll evolve into next phase of!  :)

Oh!, if your just joining me for the first time, just peruse the February posts for little dream beam treasures to help scoot your dream along!  The certificate is yours, who says you have to start, Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing from the beginning!  :)

Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow, as we get to the end of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing month, I hope your dreams are flowing and swirling and making you giddy happy!

In this picture below, is my daughter, Nyla. I look at this picture everyday and am just moved by it each time.  The purity of her and the giving of her hand in hopes of the beautiful butterfly will land, the wonderment and belief in her eyes.  I just love her!  Look at this picture and think of it in relation to your dreams, give freely, reach softly but reach, believe it will happen and it will.  Every dream IS obtainable with time. I can't wait for yours!

If you are ever in Costa Rica in the Arenal, La Fortuna area, swing by EcoCentro Danaus Reserva Ecologica. It's a must see!  They encourage you to move slow and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  It's hard in this daily life not to rush around but in this Costa Rican reserve (well all of Costa Rica :), don't rush and you will find many amazing animals of the rain forest and that is a gift from nature that you just cannot pass up! 

For more information about the many animals at this ecological reserve check out there website:

xxxxoooo Michelle

Sunday, February 26, 2012


“Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.”

I just fell in love with this quote by Marsha Norman.  It just makes me swoon with the thought!  For more inspiring information about this amazing woman here is her website.

Thanks for the lifeline, Ms. Norman! xxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is a plain piece of paper, just waiting for your dream plan...
xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today, I'm going to make myself joyfully tackle what I've been putting off.  Are there things with your dream that you just don't want to do?  So you don't.  Well, I totally know that feeling!

What I've found out is that its really not that bad, and boy the relief you feel when you get it done! So my payoff is relief and my dream getting closer!!

For today's dream beam, send that e-mail, sign up for that class, make those calls, start your blog, buy what you need to buy, take that risk, tell someone about your dream, put it out there, make your dream plan to get your dream going!

These are posters I made, (check out Nyla's WOWme words) that I've been wanting to do, so I did them.  I'm putting them out there for you to see. Yes, I'm nervous at what you might think but I also know art is subjective. 

That's the thing, no one can dream your dream, only you can and that is what makes it so rockin special! So go tackle the inevitable believable to-doable!

(I'm gonna go tackle too!)
xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've noticed since I've started my Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing 23 days ago, that I've been so focused on one dream, to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot; that I didn’t realize what's really been going on!  Another dream has been easily happening with little effort from me! Isn't that magical how dreams work?!

Here's a quote that I posted the first day of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing, Dream 10,000 dreams knowing that 10,000 dreams is only the beginning! I just love this quote from the book of WOWISMS words of wisdom for Dreamers and Doers.

This beautiful quote is just a reminder that it is our given universal right to have as many dreams...more than enough to go all the way to the moonbeams and back!

So for today, stay focused on your dreams but take off the spectacles for a little while. Let the magic of dreamland do its thing. Are there other dreams, connections that are happening, people offering assistance, that maybe you haven't noticed? For you to embrace the gifts that are being offered you have to realize they are being offered!  So go grab some gifts!

Have an excellent "unfocused" gift receiving day!! xxxxoooo Michelle

...and remember, forget about giving into those dream zappers! (Hope you had fun being a dreamy super hero...dream beam 22 zoom to post for a little positivity power dream ignitor juice, you can borrow my cape if yours is in the drycleaners or laundry basket :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Now that I've got my super hero gear I'm ready! For today's dream beam, embrace your dreams like a super hero and blast those dream zappers!

If your cape is in the laundry basket, dry cleaners or you just can't find it...I've got an extra for you :)

I'm giving up negativity for lint xxxxxoooo Michelle
(I have to tell you, its pretty fun being a dreamy super hero! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today, I decided I'm gonna start yelling about my dream, but for fun.  Fun yelling is so much well funner than yelling, "Put your dirty clothes in the laundry room!"

Is your dream in the Whisper stage or yelling or somewhere in between?  Or have your ever thought about it that way? 

You know when your dream is just starting and you are nervous about telling anyone because of all the what if's that creep up or because it's a fun little secret that you have all to yourself and that keeps you going.  Well, that's the whisper stage.

I think the Yelling stage usually comes when your dream is complete and your ready to promote it. But, hey, I'm not complete with my dream of becoming a children's book author, but I'm yelling to everyone that's my dream!  Because why wait?

Today, I'm yelling (in a fun way, like at a football game) to everyone, I need a publisher or an illustrator for my book, The Town of Plizz Dot.  A decision has to be made.

I'm sure I'll flop and fling back to the whisper stage off and on but for today I'm gonna have some fun yelling going on, wanna join me?  xxxxoooo Michelle

(the whisper to yelling to everything in between stage is all my dreamy thinking, no scientific studies are happening on this just me having fun figuring out where my dream is at)

Monday, February 20, 2012


Today is day 20 of Lovin My Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing! In celebration, my daughter, Nyla wanted to say hi and give everyone a huge I'm so proud of you, keep on dreamin!! dose of encouragement. 

One of her dreams is to have her artwork in a museum.
This is a self-portrait she did in art class, at the ART HOUSE, .  If your ever in the area, stop by The Art House, they are super friendly and it's just filled with inspiration!

Since Nyla really wants her work in a museum, I thought it would be fun to help her dream along and created one in our spare bedroom, check it out.  This particular exhibit is called, Bookie Art (pronounced boo-key).  Each picture is a neighborhood scene in a city, and as Nyla says, for it to be Bookie Art the paper must have stuff written on the back (or recycled paper).  Each scene is filled with excitement and has its on thing going on like we all do in our own towns.

My favorite, crazy traffic scene, with detours but eventually you happily get there!  Look for future exhibits, new ones are already in the works!
For today's, dream beam 20, enjoy the encouragement from Nyla and be really proud of your to-dreaming!  Also, if you can help someone's dream in any way, I know they will be super stoked!  :)  xxxxoooo Michelle 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Life is happening...its so much better with your dream!

Give a gift to yourself today enjoy your dream, share your dream, be a dream encourager! Your dream is great because of  YOU!  

xxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, February 18, 2012


find a place and enjoy your dream...!
... pure dreamy happiness!

Today keep it simple...simply dream
it will make you happy!xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, February 17, 2012


Does your dream need a makeover?   
Since I've started, Lovin My Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing 17 days ago, my dream is really evolving in lots of little ways. It's not complete, not even close but its getting a makeover without me even realizing it!

For Today's Dream Beam lucky 17

Physically do something for your dream even little things scoot your dream along, Mentally visualize your dream in totality. I'm talking a little or a lot of daydreaming - really envision your dream to the complete finale'.  What does it feel like...make it exactly how you want!, Spiritually let your dream fly give it to the universe and be amazed at the clues and gifts that come your way! (Oh geez, I just realized, this is PMS, but the way funner kind!)

Whether you have been following along or just joining me today for the very first time, during February, I have a virtual gift of a Dream Beam waiting just for you!  Enjoy these little presents as encouragement that your dreams are amazing and it's way more fun to live them! (even after February, you can still sneak a Dream Beam anytime)

Let's do a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post for pictures clues and more info)

Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club
Dream Beam 4 - You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream, don't wait for "perfect"
Dream Beam 5 - Write your Dream Intention
Dream Beam 6 - Dreams change - That's Cool!
Dream Beam 7 - Embrace others Dreams as we embrace ours!
Dream Beam 8 - Dream Disclaimer
Dream Beam 9 - Hiccups in the dream
Dream Beam 10 - Perfect 10, yes your dream is a 10
Dream Beam 11 - Dream Research - make it fun!
Dream Beam 12 - Smile!
Dream Beam 13 - Dream Differently
Dream Beam 14 - Dreamy Treat because you've been doing some fun dreamin!
Dream Beam 15 - Hold on Dreams
Dream Beam 16 - If my Dream...Poem

Thank you!  xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, February 16, 2012


If my dream...

If my dream didn't matter, if my dream didn't make a difference, I would not have an existence, If my dream was misplaced, If my dream was erased, I would find it, If my dream was dismissed by you, I would forgive you, If I screamed my dream to the mountain tops I would hear it echo, it would ripple and triple and giggles would fall as my dream became one but not all,  If I live my dream then my life is what it's meant to be, If I share my dream then a new dream will be.     
                by Michelle Wotruba

I think I'll do that.  xxxxoooo Michelle

Poem by Michelle from , I would love for you to borrow my poem just let me know. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Sometimes dreams have to hold
on...for mommyiness.

Since my husband was working on Valentine's Day, don't be sad, with his job as a commercial fisherman we have learned to celebrate every day we are together so at 6:30 Valentine's Day morning we had yummy chocolate and a little blingy gift exchange, our daughter just loved the early morning celebration.

Last night, I thought after I put our daughter to bed I would get a head start on today's blog and other misc. to-do's so that I could really concentrate on my to-dreaming all day. Well, that didn't happen.

Our daughter, Nyla was up over and over and over again.

 Before I get into what happened next,

I would like to thank Michael at for providing not only a blog that I love but also the gift and opportunity to post a little mommyspinkielipgloss ad on his blog.

I love even more after last night because on one of those ups, we perused most of his archives. September 06, and July 19, 2011 are Nyla's favorites.

Finally, after hearing a song on post November 1st, I decided well even if she’s playing me I just love her so much, I stayed with her for a little while and got up. That worked for about 15 minutes.

She slowly climbed on the couch and said she was scared, when I asked her of what she looked at me with big saucer eyes and crocodile tears just poured out, this time I really knew she wasn't playing me. We hugged for a long, long time, I felt her quiver in her little soft pajamas. Finally she let out a big quiver and stumbly said, I'm scared of that big hairy thing on a TV commercial, when I finally figured out what she was talking about I realized it was Bigfoot! Awww! I think that was weeks ago, the TV ads were on for that show. 

She remembered back in pre-k when she couldn’t get scary things out of her mind.  I remember too, that’s when for about a month she had me ask every person I knew and stranger I ran into wherever we were at what they did to get scary things out of their mind. Thanks everyone by the way, we tried them all!
What finally worked then was drawing a picture of it, then ripping it up into tiny pieces then throwing it away in the outside garbage can as well as buying a gargoyle and put it outside our front door to keep scary spirits away. We still have the gargoyle (thanks to my Reiki instructors for this idea) I used to think people who had gargoyles were into weird and creepy things, now I know there just trying to get their kids to sleep and keep the weird, creepy, scary things away! :) 

I added a scarf for the photoshoot :)
Drawing is Nyla’s thing, so again she drew pictures of the scary things that were keeping her up tonight.  Not only Bigfoot, but a Vampire, a girl Devil and a Witch but not a Giant because those are just big not scary but nice.

What happened next was really quite special because I got out of my “It’s my alone, adult time mode and really listened and forgot that it was now 10pm!  We talked about why they are scary, each one separately and what made them that way.  And what Nyla came up with was someone was mean to them and then that made them mad and sad and then they were mean to everyone.

Here’s how her scenarios went:

She then drew the person that was mean to Bigfoot.  After Bigfoot and the girl talked, they realized they were different from each other and that made them scary to each other.  After they realized they weren’t scary; then they went to an amusement park and rode the merry-go-round. While they were at the amusement park someone else made fun of Bigfoot and his friend stuck up for him.  Bigfoot started to get mad and angry again, but his new friend reminded him not to and to have fun.

I’ll skip the Vampire and girl Devil scenario but the Witch one was a little different.

The Witch didn’t have any friends except the black cat.  So she didn’t have anyone to go talk to.  Nyla decided the Witch really liked to sing, so she decided to be in the play Alice in Wonderland.  And she got lots of fans because she was so good.  The fans made her happy and became her friends. So now since the Witch was happy she wasn’t mean and scary anymore.

The end!

I would like to thank again,, all the people who help us keep scary things away, gargoyles and my amazing Nyla.

I hope one day my blog can help, inspire and make someone happy that is my new dream.  xxxxoooo Michelle

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 This yummy cupcake is made by Cake That!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Thank you so much for joining me for day "13" of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing!

Have you ever thought of your dream differently? 

I think seeing our dreams in a different language just opens up the possibility playroom, expands our dream boundaries to endless, as well as makes our world a little closer. Give it a try, see what your dream looks like differently. I just used an on-line translator. xxxxoooo Michelle

I love my dream! 私は夢を愛しています!Jeg elsker min drøm! J'aime mon rêve ! Ich liebe meinen Traum! Αγαπώ το όνειρό μου! Amo il mio sogno! Jeg elsker min drøm ! Kocham moje marzenia!Eu amo meu sonho! Я люблю мою мечту! ¡Adoro mi sueño! Jag älskar min dröm! ฉันรักความฝันของผม” I love rüyamın!

Here is my dream (to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot) in different languages (I was only going to do 13 but I got on a roll).  To me, its exciting and beautiful seeing my dream in all those different languages!

Plizz 點的城鎮 (Chinese)

Město plizz tečka (Czech)
Byen af Plizz Prik (Danish)

The Town of Plizz Dot (English)

La Ville de Point de Plizz (French)

Die Stadt des Plizz Punkts (German)

העיירה plizz קודה  (Hebrew)

La Città di Puntino di Plizz (Italian)

Plizz点の町 (Japanese)

Byen av Plizz Prikk (Norwegian)

O Povoado de Ponto de Plizz (Portuguese)

Город Точки Plizz (Russian)

El Pueblo de Punto de Plizz (Spanish)

Staden av Plizz Punkt (Swedish)

ในเมืองของ plizz จุด  (Thai)

Kentinin Plizz Nokta (Turkish)

Sunday, February 12, 2012



(I'm having so much fun researching my dream -  yesterday's dream beam.  I'm gonna keep researching :) If you haven't  researched the fun way give it a try!  I'm coming up with some great ideas. 

I believe the more fun you have in your life the more inspired your dreams are to help you!   xxxxoooo Michelle

Saturday, February 11, 2012


For today's Dream Beam, do some research on your dream but have a blast!!

I am going to do some research my children's book. As a hint, snowflakes are involved.  So my research is taking me to a snowy place for a couple of days.  Research for your dream should be fun right?  Who says research has to be all boring and technical.  :)

xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, February 10, 2012


Your dream IS a perfect 10, you know why?  Because it is YOUR dream! Remember that!

Pursue your dreams...all of them!

Now lets celebrate! It's day 10 of Lovin our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing, just keep lovin your dreams and they will keep inspiring and transpiring! 

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner I decided to make some Chocolate lip gloss, cause I love lip gloss over here!  This was so easy, I'm talking 3 ingredients and some time with the microwave!  I added a little left over edible gold glitter to some because what goes better with chocolate than gold!

You can find this Valentine goodie (she even provides cute little labels!) as well as other fun, easy and crafty tutorials on this super creative blog,

Thanks for stopping by, sign up under inspiration makers when your ready but most important remember that your dream is a perfect 10! xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, February 9, 2012


We all have them with our dreams, hiccups or frustrations that come along as we're pursuing our dreams.  One of mine happened January 30, just 2 days before I launched my month long,
Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing starting February 1st.

My computer crashed, I lost everything!  So now I'm doing this on the fly!  :) As I'm retyping my blog ideas, books, cover and query letters I am at least thankful I have some hard copies!

For today's Dream Beam, hiccups will happen that's just a given and they happen at the worst possible time that's also a given.  For me, after I got over the initial freak out and bought my new computer I realized, I still love my book, The Town of Plizz Dot, it's my dream to get it published and as I'm retyping it I'm looking at it with fresh eyes and I might make a few changes here and there.

During the times of hiccups, or at least after the initial freak out, look at YOUR dream with fresh eyes maybe this hiccup will make you realize that you do love your dream and it is worth the extra do-over work.  Remember, all these hiccups make your dream, your dream.  You have the choice to give up on it (which is totally cool, but do you really want to, we would really miss your dream), take a little break or get in there and tackle a little or big hiccup or a whole bunch of them.

Thanks for joining me today, if your new here, check out my previous posts, starting February 1st, I am giving a "Virtual Dream Beam" just for you to encourage your dream!

I'm gonna go tackle some hiccups and you know what? I'm going to have an excellent day doing them, I hope you do too!   xxxxoooo Michelle

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



It’s my right to discover my dreams!

It’s my right to change with my dreams!

It’s my right to be my dream champion!

It’s my right to ignore any negativity towards my dream!

It’s my right to live my dream!

It’s my right to find my dream fan club and call on them often!

It’s my right to embrace and encourage others dreams!

It’s my right to actively pursue my dream!

It’s my right to do what works for me to accomplish my dreams!

My dream is ___________________________________________________



Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thank you all for joining me for Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing month! Today is day 7, WOW a full week so far dedicated to lovin our dreams!

I find this so exciting because for me, a lot of times I tend to push my dreams to the way side as I take care of my life and family's everyday adventures (I'm trying to give my mundane routines some flare by calling them adventures :)

I realize that talking about your dreams is not a hot topic, not everyone is excited to share theirs or listen to others.  That's why I feel it is so important to find your Dream Beam Fan club and we can always use new members right?!  So for today, listen and watch for clues from people.  Are they trying to let you know about their dream?  Do they need a little help that only you can provide or encouragement that would make their day?

Embrace a friend, stranger or acquaintance, business or family today and give them the positivity they need to love their dreams and I betcha your dreams will be embraced too! 

I wanted to share my daughter, Nyla's dream but she was a little shy about putting it out there (I'm so glad I asked her, wow that's another thing, be respectful of people's dreams).  Instead she wanted to share this picture with you.  Its called strawberry face, we had some left over gel from when we made the Dream Beam fan club.  After this picture was taken strawberry face was gone in an instant! (gobbled up by Nyla) Sometimes an instant is all it takes to make a difference with someones dream.  I've got plenty of instances to share, I'm here to embrace your dream!          

Let's do a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post)

Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club
Dream Beam 4 - You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream, don't wait for "perfect"
Dream Beam 5 - Write your Dream Intention
Dream Beam 6 - Dreams change - That's Cool!
Dream Beam 7 - Embrace others Dreams as we embrace ours!

Thank you!  xxxxoooo Michelle

Monday, February 6, 2012


A few years ago, my husband, daughter and I decided to move to Costa Rica. We have a house there and kind of know the ropes, it was before Nyla was in school and we thought this was the perfect time. This was our dream that we had worked on for many, many years. We sold, gave away, threw away and put into storage the miscellaneous pictures, income tax stuff and a few things we couldn't part with. We paid off as many bills as we could, figured out on-line banking, and forwarded our mail to Moms house. We decided we would go for a year and come back to figure out what to do with the storage stuff.

13 bags including surfboards and a dog, Pop Pop rented a van and drove us to the airport. It was a torrential downpour. Somehow, in this monsoon rain, our flight took off and there we were flying to our long awaited dream. We were excited and nervous at the same time. 5 months later, we realized we were blowing through our money, we hadn't figured it out, we're having the time of our lives, even our dog, Martine was having the time of his life, rounding up cows and not being on a leash for the first time, our extremely shy Nyla was even going to pre-school here and there.

 Then one day, we get the call, we have to come home to take care of some family stuff. We were mad, a little relieved, frustrated, deflated, embarrassed that we didn't become the ex-patriots that we wanted and scared of the future.

It took a little time to realize why we were brought back, we were unemployed, and not sure which way to go- all our years were spent on achieving our dream - to live in Costa Rica. Within a few months of our return, we found out that a scary mole on my husband’s back well, was scary, he had melanoma cancer. He's totally ok now but if it wasn't for that acquaintance, Shawna talking about her moles, he would have never had it checked out. (Big huge, I love you so much for that, thanks Shawna). So as a side note, everyone get your freaky moles checked out those who don't- don't make it to live their dreams! Also, that's when I got into REIKI which I love so much and helped us during this time of melanoma cancer scare. We moved back to an area that we love and we got reacquainted with one of my husband's high school friends and they have kids which happen to still be one of Nyla's BFF's and we have met some amazing people.

We are still pursuing our Costa Rica dream, its just changing as we change and grow (we wear way stronger sun screen and rash guards). We know its going to be there for us, its just going to be better!

So, we never know where our dreams are going to take us, its way easier if we don't think about it, don't fight the direction it leads us to, realize we have to enjoy life along the way as we pursue our thousands of dreams!

The above picture was made by Nyla, its a dream rainbow.  She made it with us in mind and she used her favorite Cra-Z-Art crayons. (she just loves them, she loves the colors, the way the paper feels (the wrapper) and that they don't smell pukey, who knew there was that much to a crayon, she does! She's the artist, the professional :)  Super hugs and thank you Nyla, my love bug for making this awesome dream rainbow!

Have an excellent day, I mean it have an EXCELLENT DAY!  xxxxxooooo Michelle

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I was so lucky to attend a REIKI share yesterday, I'm still feeling the love from it!  (for info on REIKI, check out the REIKI tab above).
During the REIKI share we were asked to write our intentions and to write starting with I AM...

WOW, this is so powerful, by doing this you are letting the universe know what you want and the universe wraps its loving arms around you and guides you to complete your intention.  Today, right now write your dream intention.  Start with I AM... be clear, do not write any hesitation words, trying, wanting, wishing.
Keep them visible and share them. 

If you ever feel any negative thoughts arising as to why you cannot have your intention quickly call one of your "dream beam fan club members- just refer back to Dream Beam 3 for a quick reminder" to help you get rid of that thought! You definitely do not want to confuse the universe with negative thoughts because then nothing happens with your intention and we don't want that!

When you reach your intention, shout it out let everyone know so that we can celebrate with you!

Thank you so much, Malia from Island Wellness Center,, Sharyn from Spiritual Journey Wellness Center,
Eileen and Michael for being my inspiration and sharing Reiki with me!  I'm just beaming with love!

Thank you everyone for sharing my journey of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-To-Doing month! Keep coming back for a new "Dream Beam" waiting just for you!
xxxxooooo Michelle

Saturday, February 4, 2012


You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream! (I love this quote from my dreamy husband).

Nyla and I had fun making this dreamy Valentine's Day snowglobe!  She whipped up this little card just for you. I love how she instantly came up with these inspirational words! She said, Mommy you have to put this on your blog!  So I am.  I thought about having her re-write the little card so that first was written correctly and all in the same color but then I realized, if I tried to get her to write it over it might never happen and I just love the simplicity of her words. 

Don't worry about waiting until everything is perfect to start your dream. Your dream is going to make our world sooo much better! I just know it!

To find out how to make a  dreamy Valentine's Day snowglobe go to this really beautiful and inspirational blog its filled with fun things to make,   

Thanks for being my inspiration today!  Hey everybody, I hope you have an risk-taking time enjoying your dream!  xxxxoooo Michelle

Friday, February 3, 2012


Thank you for joining me this month of Lovin our Dreams, Dreamy-To-Doing!

For the month of February each day you will find a "Dream Beam" of encouragement to help our dreams come to life.

Today our Dream Beam is about finding your Fan Club (support) for your dream.

Lucky for us we already have the Dream Beam Fan club just waiting to provide encouragement; to be our dream advocate, embrace us and provide gentle challenges and champion us as those challenges arise. 

Sometimes we forget that our "fan club" is filled with a variety of resources, (not just people, also the Internet, library, nature, classes, music and most important remember YOU just to name a few).  

I got my inspiration for these cute and tasty dream beam fans from this awesome blog, called FlexibleDreams, she calls these cuties Nilla Girls.  Heres how you make them.  

(My daughter, Nyla and her friend Kenzie and I had a lot of fun making these cutie pies! Nyla likes to call them the Fashionista Fan Club :)   These will also make a tasty treat for Valentine's Day.  Instead of candy melts we used icing and food coloring only because we didn't have that.

Here's a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post)
Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club 

Thanks for joining me today, have an Excellent Day! xxxxoooo Michelle

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Dream vs. Goal

What’s the difference between the two?  Well, to me a Dream is like going on a wild adventure without directions and a Goal is like a practical friend that you call to get you there. 

As a reminder that your dream is amazing why don’t you take a visual tidbit (practical friend) of your dream with you whenever you are doing one of your good &/or bad habits. 

One of my dreams is to publish my children’s book, The Town of Plizz Dot that I wrote with my daughter. 

Here is my practical friend.  I have a habit of putting on lipgloss :) These are bookmarks that Nyla and I made.  I brought them as a little gift to Mrs. Titus’s kindergarten class when I read my book, The Town of Plizz Dot.  In the picture you see a couple of clues as to what my dream book is about.  

Hey, really enjoy your Dreams (wild adventures) and Goals (practical friends) today!  xxxxoooo Michelle  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome to an exciting month of Dream Beams to help your Dream to-doing!

Dream 10,000 dreams knowing that 10,000 dreams is only the beginning!
I just love this quote from the book of WOWISMS words of wisdom for Dreamers and Doers.  I thought this was a perfect quote to start our month of Lovin our Dreams - Dreamy to-doing. 

I have a friend who was always saying, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.  I use to think he’s all over the place, when is he going to make up his mind?  Well, after a while I realized he was always having a lot of fun doing this and doing that.  And that’s what dreams are all about, having fun, an idea that’s a little out there from your usual and if pursued your life will be more fulfilling.

Today, remember that your dream is fun and an inspiration to you and everybody!

If you are unsure of your dream that's totally ok, remember dreams are fun, adventuresome and fulfilling so have some fun-filled adventures as you discover and pursue your dream!   

It's true! You and your dreams inspire me!
xxxxoooo Michelle