Monday, February 13, 2012


Thank you so much for joining me for day "13" of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing!

Have you ever thought of your dream differently? 

I think seeing our dreams in a different language just opens up the possibility playroom, expands our dream boundaries to endless, as well as makes our world a little closer. Give it a try, see what your dream looks like differently. I just used an on-line translator. xxxxoooo Michelle

I love my dream! 私は夢を愛しています!Jeg elsker min drøm! J'aime mon rêve ! Ich liebe meinen Traum! Αγαπώ το όνειρό μου! Amo il mio sogno! Jeg elsker min drøm ! Kocham moje marzenia!Eu amo meu sonho! Я люблю мою мечту! ¡Adoro mi sueño! Jag älskar min dröm! ฉันรักความฝันของผม” I love rüyamın!

Here is my dream (to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot) in different languages (I was only going to do 13 but I got on a roll).  To me, its exciting and beautiful seeing my dream in all those different languages!

Plizz 點的城鎮 (Chinese)

Město plizz tečka (Czech)
Byen af Plizz Prik (Danish)

The Town of Plizz Dot (English)

La Ville de Point de Plizz (French)

Die Stadt des Plizz Punkts (German)

העיירה plizz קודה  (Hebrew)

La Città di Puntino di Plizz (Italian)

Plizz点の町 (Japanese)

Byen av Plizz Prikk (Norwegian)

O Povoado de Ponto de Plizz (Portuguese)

Город Точки Plizz (Russian)

El Pueblo de Punto de Plizz (Spanish)

Staden av Plizz Punkt (Swedish)

ในเมืองของ plizz จุด  (Thai)

Kentinin Plizz Nokta (Turkish)

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