Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome to an exciting month of Dream Beams to help your Dream to-doing!

Dream 10,000 dreams knowing that 10,000 dreams is only the beginning!
I just love this quote from the book of WOWISMS words of wisdom for Dreamers and Doers.  I thought this was a perfect quote to start our month of Lovin our Dreams - Dreamy to-doing. 

I have a friend who was always saying, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.  I use to think he’s all over the place, when is he going to make up his mind?  Well, after a while I realized he was always having a lot of fun doing this and doing that.  And that’s what dreams are all about, having fun, an idea that’s a little out there from your usual and if pursued your life will be more fulfilling.

Today, remember that your dream is fun and an inspiration to you and everybody!

If you are unsure of your dream that's totally ok, remember dreams are fun, adventuresome and fulfilling so have some fun-filled adventures as you discover and pursue your dream!   

It's true! You and your dreams inspire me!
xxxxoooo Michelle

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