Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I know we have 1 more day left in February for Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing but I just could not wait to give you this!  This is YOUR certificate,  Yes, It's official, you are now a Dream Beam, one who encourages, supports, loves and lives their dreams!

(to print it out just right click on picture and click save as... don't forget to sign your name)

Be proud of your dreams, I am!

xxxxoooo Michelle

I'll see you tomorrow for 1 more day of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing, then we'll evolve into next phase of www.mommyspinkielipgloss.blogspot.com!  :)

Oh!, if your just joining me for the first time, just peruse the February posts for little dream beam treasures to help scoot your dream along!  The certificate is yours, who says you have to start, Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing from the beginning!  :)

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