Monday, February 6, 2012


A few years ago, my husband, daughter and I decided to move to Costa Rica. We have a house there and kind of know the ropes, it was before Nyla was in school and we thought this was the perfect time. This was our dream that we had worked on for many, many years. We sold, gave away, threw away and put into storage the miscellaneous pictures, income tax stuff and a few things we couldn't part with. We paid off as many bills as we could, figured out on-line banking, and forwarded our mail to Moms house. We decided we would go for a year and come back to figure out what to do with the storage stuff.

13 bags including surfboards and a dog, Pop Pop rented a van and drove us to the airport. It was a torrential downpour. Somehow, in this monsoon rain, our flight took off and there we were flying to our long awaited dream. We were excited and nervous at the same time. 5 months later, we realized we were blowing through our money, we hadn't figured it out, we're having the time of our lives, even our dog, Martine was having the time of his life, rounding up cows and not being on a leash for the first time, our extremely shy Nyla was even going to pre-school here and there.

 Then one day, we get the call, we have to come home to take care of some family stuff. We were mad, a little relieved, frustrated, deflated, embarrassed that we didn't become the ex-patriots that we wanted and scared of the future.

It took a little time to realize why we were brought back, we were unemployed, and not sure which way to go- all our years were spent on achieving our dream - to live in Costa Rica. Within a few months of our return, we found out that a scary mole on my husband’s back well, was scary, he had melanoma cancer. He's totally ok now but if it wasn't for that acquaintance, Shawna talking about her moles, he would have never had it checked out. (Big huge, I love you so much for that, thanks Shawna). So as a side note, everyone get your freaky moles checked out those who don't- don't make it to live their dreams! Also, that's when I got into REIKI which I love so much and helped us during this time of melanoma cancer scare. We moved back to an area that we love and we got reacquainted with one of my husband's high school friends and they have kids which happen to still be one of Nyla's BFF's and we have met some amazing people.

We are still pursuing our Costa Rica dream, its just changing as we change and grow (we wear way stronger sun screen and rash guards). We know its going to be there for us, its just going to be better!

So, we never know where our dreams are going to take us, its way easier if we don't think about it, don't fight the direction it leads us to, realize we have to enjoy life along the way as we pursue our thousands of dreams!

The above picture was made by Nyla, its a dream rainbow.  She made it with us in mind and she used her favorite Cra-Z-Art crayons. (she just loves them, she loves the colors, the way the paper feels (the wrapper) and that they don't smell pukey, who knew there was that much to a crayon, she does! She's the artist, the professional :)  Super hugs and thank you Nyla, my love bug for making this awesome dream rainbow!

Have an excellent day, I mean it have an EXCELLENT DAY!  xxxxxooooo Michelle

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