Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today, I decided I'm gonna start yelling about my dream, but for fun.  Fun yelling is so much well funner than yelling, "Put your dirty clothes in the laundry room!"

Is your dream in the Whisper stage or yelling or somewhere in between?  Or have your ever thought about it that way? 

You know when your dream is just starting and you are nervous about telling anyone because of all the what if's that creep up or because it's a fun little secret that you have all to yourself and that keeps you going.  Well, that's the whisper stage.

I think the Yelling stage usually comes when your dream is complete and your ready to promote it. But, hey, I'm not complete with my dream of becoming a children's book author, but I'm yelling to everyone that's my dream!  Because why wait?

Today, I'm yelling (in a fun way, like at a football game) to everyone, I need a publisher or an illustrator for my book, The Town of Plizz Dot.  A decision has to be made.

I'm sure I'll flop and fling back to the whisper stage off and on but for today I'm gonna have some fun yelling going on, wanna join me?  xxxxoooo Michelle

(the whisper to yelling to everything in between stage is all my dreamy thinking, no scientific studies are happening on this just me having fun figuring out where my dream is at)

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