Friday, February 24, 2012


Today, I'm going to make myself joyfully tackle what I've been putting off.  Are there things with your dream that you just don't want to do?  So you don't.  Well, I totally know that feeling!

What I've found out is that its really not that bad, and boy the relief you feel when you get it done! So my payoff is relief and my dream getting closer!!

For today's dream beam, send that e-mail, sign up for that class, make those calls, start your blog, buy what you need to buy, take that risk, tell someone about your dream, put it out there, make your dream plan to get your dream going!

These are posters I made, (check out Nyla's WOWme words) that I've been wanting to do, so I did them.  I'm putting them out there for you to see. Yes, I'm nervous at what you might think but I also know art is subjective. 

That's the thing, no one can dream your dream, only you can and that is what makes it so rockin special! So go tackle the inevitable believable to-doable!

(I'm gonna go tackle too!)
xxxxoooo Michelle

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