Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thank you all for joining me for Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing month! Today is day 7, WOW a full week so far dedicated to lovin our dreams!

I find this so exciting because for me, a lot of times I tend to push my dreams to the way side as I take care of my life and family's everyday adventures (I'm trying to give my mundane routines some flare by calling them adventures :)

I realize that talking about your dreams is not a hot topic, not everyone is excited to share theirs or listen to others.  That's why I feel it is so important to find your Dream Beam Fan club and we can always use new members right?!  So for today, listen and watch for clues from people.  Are they trying to let you know about their dream?  Do they need a little help that only you can provide or encouragement that would make their day?

Embrace a friend, stranger or acquaintance, business or family today and give them the positivity they need to love their dreams and I betcha your dreams will be embraced too! 

I wanted to share my daughter, Nyla's dream but she was a little shy about putting it out there (I'm so glad I asked her, wow that's another thing, be respectful of people's dreams).  Instead she wanted to share this picture with you.  Its called strawberry face, we had some left over gel from when we made the Dream Beam fan club.  After this picture was taken strawberry face was gone in an instant! (gobbled up by Nyla) Sometimes an instant is all it takes to make a difference with someones dream.  I've got plenty of instances to share, I'm here to embrace your dream!          

Let's do a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post)

Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club
Dream Beam 4 - You can't fulfill your dream until you start your dream, don't wait for "perfect"
Dream Beam 5 - Write your Dream Intention
Dream Beam 6 - Dreams change - That's Cool!
Dream Beam 7 - Embrace others Dreams as we embrace ours!

Thank you!  xxxxoooo Michelle

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