Friday, February 3, 2012


Thank you for joining me this month of Lovin our Dreams, Dreamy-To-Doing!

For the month of February each day you will find a "Dream Beam" of encouragement to help our dreams come to life.

Today our Dream Beam is about finding your Fan Club (support) for your dream.

Lucky for us we already have the Dream Beam Fan club just waiting to provide encouragement; to be our dream advocate, embrace us and provide gentle challenges and champion us as those challenges arise. 

Sometimes we forget that our "fan club" is filled with a variety of resources, (not just people, also the Internet, library, nature, classes, music and most important remember YOU just to name a few).  

I got my inspiration for these cute and tasty dream beam fans from this awesome blog, called FlexibleDreams, she calls these cuties Nilla Girls.  Heres how you make them.  

(My daughter, Nyla and her friend Kenzie and I had a lot of fun making these cutie pies! Nyla likes to call them the Fashionista Fan Club :)   These will also make a tasty treat for Valentine's Day.  Instead of candy melts we used icing and food coloring only because we didn't have that.

Here's a quick Dream Beam review: (refer back to previous post)
Dream Beam 1 - Discover your Dream
Dream Beam 2 - Have a visual tidbit, your practical friends (goals) join you as you are doing your habits
Dream Beam 3 - Find your Fan Club 

Thanks for joining me today, have an Excellent Day! xxxxoooo Michelle

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! Love your Nilla Girls, they're so cute!


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