Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've noticed since I've started my Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing 23 days ago, that I've been so focused on one dream, to publish my children's book, The Town of Plizz Dot; that I didn’t realize what's really been going on!  Another dream has been easily happening with little effort from me! Isn't that magical how dreams work?!

Here's a quote that I posted the first day of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing, Dream 10,000 dreams knowing that 10,000 dreams is only the beginning! I just love this quote from the book of WOWISMS words of wisdom for Dreamers and Doers.

This beautiful quote is just a reminder that it is our given universal right to have as many dreams...more than enough to go all the way to the moonbeams and back!

So for today, stay focused on your dreams but take off the spectacles for a little while. Let the magic of dreamland do its thing. Are there other dreams, connections that are happening, people offering assistance, that maybe you haven't noticed? For you to embrace the gifts that are being offered you have to realize they are being offered!  So go grab some gifts!

Have an excellent "unfocused" gift receiving day!! xxxxoooo Michelle

...and remember, forget about giving into those dream zappers! (Hope you had fun being a dreamy super hero...dream beam 22 zoom to post for a little positivity power dream ignitor juice, you can borrow my cape if yours is in the drycleaners or laundry basket :)

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