Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow, as we get to the end of Lovin Our Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing month, I hope your dreams are flowing and swirling and making you giddy happy!

In this picture below, is my daughter, Nyla. I look at this picture everyday and am just moved by it each time.  The purity of her and the giving of her hand in hopes of the beautiful butterfly will land, the wonderment and belief in her eyes.  I just love her!  Look at this picture and think of it in relation to your dreams, give freely, reach softly but reach, believe it will happen and it will.  Every dream IS obtainable with time. I can't wait for yours!

If you are ever in Costa Rica in the Arenal, La Fortuna area, swing by EcoCentro Danaus Reserva Ecologica. It's a must see!  They encourage you to move slow and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  It's hard in this daily life not to rush around but in this Costa Rican reserve (well all of Costa Rica :), don't rush and you will find many amazing animals of the rain forest and that is a gift from nature that you just cannot pass up! 

For more information about the many animals at this ecological reserve check out there website:

xxxxoooo Michelle

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