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I'm a daydreaming Mommy and I've decided to start turning my daydreams into dreamy livin days!   My to-do list is really a  to-Dreaming list and its getting there.

One of my dreams is getting my children's book,   THE TOWN OF PLIZZ DOT into every child's hands! I would love your support with this! Costa Rica is where my daydreams really take off! We have a house there and honestly we don't get there nearly as much as we would like. Being creative in some kinda way makes me feel great and I get grumpy when I'm not.

My daughter, Nyla helps keep me real and doing fun things and even though we don't look so much alike, we share the creative bug and that makes me super happy, she's an amazing artist! My two dogs surprise me with their funny ways. I love making a big pot of great beans, its kinda my thing funny huh? Also, I just love, love, love Reiki! I never want to be a creative tammer but sometimes am and I always want to be ME!

My husband, daughter, and dogs are teaching me to laugh more. My hardworking, hunky husband is a commercial fisherman when he's home we have a ton of fun so I won't be blogging so much. When he's at sea, I'm running the show, going a little crazy and missing him but probably bloggin more :)

Well, that's a tiny glimpse of me. I've decided to switch from saying have a good one to have an Excellent day and I hope you do!

I love to get mail!
email me at daydreamingmommy at g mail dot com

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