Saturday, June 20, 2015


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Is this the yummiest looking fun mail you've ever seen???  I found this and just had to try it and I'm soo glad I did!!

Everybody loved, I mean loved this!! There were so many happy giggles in the post office, you would have thought I was in an ice cream parlor! Not to mention, my Mom was just over the moon when she received this in the mail!!

For the detailed how to's just click on SHE KNOWS (& boy does she know :) She's amazing & super talented and believe it or not this crafty was so easy - it takes the cake :)

I'm such a big fan of fun mail, I mean those bills get lonely & grouchy in the mailbox all by themselves!  For more fun mail inspiration check this SOAP BOX PARTY out & MAKIN' STATION & and here's how to add some happy to your box -  MAILBOX FUN  & to how to Make a Carrier's day.

Hey everyone - I hope you have a fantastic day loaded with all kinds of fun & cake of course!!
One more time!!

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I just have to share this cake recipe :)
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  2. Yes, perfect to spread the sweetness without the calories! :)

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