Monday, February 20, 2012


Today is day 20 of Lovin My Dreams, Dreamy-to-Doing! In celebration, my daughter, Nyla wanted to say hi and give everyone a huge I'm so proud of you, keep on dreamin!! dose of encouragement. 

One of her dreams is to have her artwork in a museum.
This is a self-portrait she did in art class, at the ART HOUSE, .  If your ever in the area, stop by The Art House, they are super friendly and it's just filled with inspiration!

Since Nyla really wants her work in a museum, I thought it would be fun to help her dream along and created one in our spare bedroom, check it out.  This particular exhibit is called, Bookie Art (pronounced boo-key).  Each picture is a neighborhood scene in a city, and as Nyla says, for it to be Bookie Art the paper must have stuff written on the back (or recycled paper).  Each scene is filled with excitement and has its on thing going on like we all do in our own towns.

My favorite, crazy traffic scene, with detours but eventually you happily get there!  Look for future exhibits, new ones are already in the works!
For today's, dream beam 20, enjoy the encouragement from Nyla and be really proud of your to-dreaming!  Also, if you can help someone's dream in any way, I know they will be super stoked!  :)  xxxxoooo Michelle 

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