Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pretty Girl Sugar meets Fiesta Salt...

and it's a perfect Valentines Day!

It's February and I'm all about love and pretty! So, I thought I'm gonna need some of that glammy sugar for all my treats that I'm gonna make.  Instead of buying the colored sugar, I made it - This is so easy!!  I just had to share.

Just throw some sugar in a Ziploc baggie (or jar) and add food coloring.  Press and shake to mix.  Start with 1 drop of food coloring and keep adding until you get the color you want.  Your done! You just saved some money and NOW you can buy some chocolates just for you :)
I liked this so much that I decided to make my salt extra special.  Kids love this and it's also a good way to actually see how much salt your putting on your food.  

By the time I took the pic, Mr Fiesta was a little teary eyed with love.  Keep this in mind when serving.                          

Plus why not add fancy to your everyday condiments? 
See, kid approved :)



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