Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When my husband asked me if I wanted to go clammin, I surprised him with a yes!  and you know what, clamming surprised me.  I've gone clammin' with Andy before, but it's been years... the last time Nyla was little, little and she fell over in the mud and got totally soaked and frozey; we had to make a super quick get away and well that's the last time.  

Andy's secret clam spot is about an hour's drive away, so that gave us ample catch up/ mini date time while Nyla is in school. After a quick coffee stop we were ready.  It started off slow, plenty of time to enjoy the view and the peace and quite.  By the time we left, I got it, I really got why Andy is clam crazed.  Just the gentle sounds of a few ducks, our clam rakes and an occasional word between us.  I think for the first time this year, I was really enjoying the calmness and monotone of winter.  Just us basking in the excitement of finding a clam or two.       

Yeah, I totally get it now, reaping the rewards of catching your own dinner from the beautiful land that we live in. 
Here's me trying to kick off my boots without getting muddier
Our beautiful bounty
One happy clam man

Andy & Nyla's Clams Stuffed Casino Recipe
Cooked, Chopped, & Cleaned Clams
Onion - finely chopped
Red & Green Peppers - chopped into mini pieces
Italian style, Panco Bread crumbs
Bacon, cooked
Garlic little clove, chopped
Parmesan cheese

Saute onions, peppers and garlic in butter & olive oil
Add chopped, cooked clams & bread crumbs
Top with Bacon
Scoop and put into shells and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes then gobble them up!  We topped ours off with a little spicy tomatillo salsa, mmmm...  These were so succulent and delicious at first I thought they look a little dry, cause they weren't super brown and stuck together like in some restaurants but WOW, it must be the butter/olive oil combo, plus all the love that they added because they were yummy in my tummy!

Here's another post where I finally get how cool my husband is Man Cave.

For some beautiful, rural photography check out Madge Bloom's blog, The View from Right Here.

Thanks Andy for sharing this with me and thanks Andy & Nyla for making a few of your delicious clams without bacon for me!

xxxxoooo Michelle


  1. what a great time together that must have been. :)

    1. It was a memory that I will treasure, thanks for stopping by! Michelle

  2. Great shots and clamming is hard work but fun ~ great recipe ~ thanx ^_^

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) on blogger ^_^

    1. It sounds like you've clammed before :) thanks for stopping in!

  3. sounds like an excellent day...i love clams and yours look delish!

    1. It was a very special day! I'm a big clam fan now, they were delish!

  4. Mmmm.. oh clams! Glorious treasure from the sand... Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #2' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #3...

  5. That sounds like so much fun. We used to go fishing and shrimping all the time, and I miss it!

  6. I think it kinda gets in your blood! I'm ready to go back I just don't want to chip thru the ice right now :)


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