Friday, February 22, 2013

My morning me...

I awakened and walked out of my bedroom and noticed this beautiful light on my wall that I never noticed before.  I don't know why, its the same routine everyday except this time I had my phone in hand and I took a few pics of my shadow me in this glowing light.  My daughter, Nyla didn't want any part of my playful photo session all she wanted was her hot chocolate and that is probably why I noticed this gift of light because I was zooming to the kitchen and I didn't open up the other curtains... thanks Nyla for opening up my eyes to this gift!

and the golden light fades... 
 into the time to start the everyday routine...

I realized this morning as I was in a rush to get Nyla's hot cocoa that it just takes one little twist in an everyday routine to be inspired by the ordinary.  And after that moment, I started seeing my house in a whole new, amazing way.   Without the clutter and all the things I need to do; I normally am trying to get rid of my "hips" but now after seeing me in these pictures, I'm loving my womanly curves!  

It's like I put on my "golden colored" glasses, do you want to borrow them or would you prefer "rose"? :)

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  1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your heart-warming comment on my Lettering Love post! To know I inspired your daughter gave me the biggest smile :)
    Your photos on this post are beautiful!

    1. Thank you again for being a super inspiration to us!! :)

  2. These are sexy and seductive! Love it! So funny how we both posted self portraits today. Yay us!

  3. How unusual and beautiful, the light is marvelous! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #71!

  4. Thank you all for stopping by and your sweet comments you made my day!!


Thanks for making me smile from your sweet comment!