Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yummy lunch just for me...

I have no problem eating left overs here and there, and since it was just me for lunch, I decided to go the easy way.

I pulled out a turkey burger from last night, the "scallop dip" (its just like the hot, gooey crab dip but since my husband is a scallop, commercial fisherman, I make it with those yummy things), heated them up, toasted a sesame bun, plopped on some fancy lettuce and bam!

I drank a diet coke out of a frosty cold glass and that made all those decadent, succulent calories just go away :)

Between the ploppin, squishin & slurping, I think I had a pretty yummy lunch!  I haven't added a heavy dip like that to my turkey burger before but hey I would highly recommend it :)

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