Friday, January 25, 2013

flipflops to snowboots...

Well... I'm back!  I went from squelching, succulent hot to brrr layers of clothes, hardened ground that has lingering powdered snow and the constant search for a hot chocolate instead of an icy cold michulata.  I still haven't gotten the sand off my toes as I'm tucking them in my snow boots!

It was such a shock as we headed out of the airport, raced for the shuttle into the frozey 20 degree F night air in only a sweatshirt!  

Atleast, I have the memories of good times; I still feel the great hugs from family and friends and I smile because I have a little  skin is a golden, caramelized tan hidden underneath all those bundles of clothes that I'm stuck wearing...until the next time :)

I guess this is what my future daydreams will be about! Have an amazing day, where ever you are! xxxxxoooo Michelle

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