Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Traditional New Years Day dinner...

I just have to share our little southern tradition...

cabbage rolls for money, black eye peas for luck, cornbread for just good ole bellie yumminess!

My Recipe (Keep in mind I do a little of this and that, so add to your taste)

Soak Black Eye Peas
Then bring to boil, add chopped onion, garlic lots of salt, chicken cube,  turn down and put a lid on - slightly open, keep checking every so often to see if they need more salt. I throw in a bunch of fresh spinach a couple minutes before serving.

Take apart the cabbage leaves and lightly steam them, cut off or thin the stem part (makes it easier for rolling up bundles)
In the pot put a little bit of tomatoes so bundles won't burn

in a big bowl add ground turkey, a bit of white rice (not too much or your bundles will blow up and be super dry, I did that once), a can of whole tomatoes - makes it so fun for squishing; Nyla loves that part!, a bit of cinnamon, lots of salt, pepper, some sugar and pats of butter.

Add change, this is the most important part!!

Nyla likes to add money to each roll, but you can throw it in the pot, we did both.  Ours never turn out perfect by any means and by the time I serve them there kinda like bundle blobs but I love them just the same, its not about perfection. Careful with the toothpicks, I always prick my fingers.

Put bundly rolls in Pot, Pour left over mixture over rolls (this is how I see if their done, when rice is cooked their usually ready), add more can tomatoes, maybe a little bit of water and some more butter.  Our house likes them good and juicy, my Mom use to put a gravy pitcher on the table with the juice in case they were dry.  

Bring to a Boil, then simmer for awhile probably about 30-45 min. but this is kinda a no hurry meal so as long as their on low their good!, Check on them, when white rice is done they should be ready.  

Meanwhile, make a pot of yellow rice.

Straight out of the box, Jiffy!  It's the best, I just add a small can of cream corn per box.

I also made a pot of cabbage rolls with beef for my husband to take on a fishing trip, since I don't eat red meat or pork he never really gets that stuff at home. I made it the same way, but since I don't eat it I'm not sure how it turned out.  Nyla said both were great, friends agreed.

Since we're a small family, I have been eating the left overs, still super yummy, this makes a perfect winter time meal too, just without the money :)

(Be careful of money and toothpicks when eating) This is a great year, I'm loving this moment of reveling in the possibilities!  xxxoooo Michelle

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