Saturday, January 5, 2013

Troll blast from past craft...easy

Nyla fell in love with her BFF's troll dolls this Christmas! Thankfully her BFF, Stella is super sweet and gave one to her.  These cute little things reminded me of a craft that I use to make when hmm... I was about Nyla's age.  I made so many of them my Mom took them to work and sold them :) 
(super Thanks Mom for selling them...well buying them).

 I use to call them "frustration pencils" cause when your mad, you whirl them in your hands and then smooth them.  Nyla thought, Fluffy Writer Friends was a better name and I agree :)  These cute little guys are kinda like the stress ball of the workplace or classroom.

I could only find white fur but back in the day when I had my "business" I had all colors, even multi-colors. 
This is a super easy craft, just your fingers might get a little gluey.

First make a part in your fur (easiest with a comb), our sizes varied but mostly about 4-5 inches to top of fur, then cut.

grab your pencil, I liked to cover up the #2 writing, then squeeze some glue and roll tight, gluing along the way.

tie with a pretty ribbon, add googly eyes and your done!

xxxxxoooo Michelle

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