Thursday, October 31, 2013


For Nyla's 9th birthday party she decided she wanted a Spy/Detective party.  YAY! I have to tell you I umm WE had so much fun!!

I had the lunch bags & red tape, so I thought why not make a secret agent invite. So easy! I just typed up some party info and Nyla customized each one. Just cost a regular stamp to mail. This invite was undercover cheap!

Party Favors:

Every Secret Agent needs a spy stash! We used discarded old books and cut out the middle.  Wrapped them in brown paper, added initials to customize and stuck a wallet in there. We also included a mustache, magnifying glass & notebook.

Agent ID's:
We had "Agents" randomly pick a color from a hat and a name from another hat
and came up with some super funny Spy names.
(We used paint samples for the colors and I pre-printed & cut out the names. After they picked them I taped the names to the color and slipped them into the plastic name tags)

Spy Training:
1.  Fingerprinting:  After the spy's in training picked out their spy names then of course they had to be fingerprinted & pick out their trench coats & mustaches.  Spy's had the choice of pink or black ink.  (totally needed wipes after) It was so cute seeing their tiny fingerprints, hopefully, that's the only time huh!!
2. Truth Serum: Of course every spy comes
across some truth serum at some point! (I filled little florist tubes-Thanks Andy!)  with a variety of Nyla's favorites & added straws-  "Spys" got it, loved it,quesion it &/or hated it - which all are perfect "spy" qualities. 
3.  Laser Beam Obstacle course:  We had our little spy's maneuver a "laser beam" obstacle course.  Which they totally loved, this was by far the best part of spy training! Simply tied a bunch of black yarn on our porch.  It was awesome!  
4.  Missing Evidence Game:  Simply filled a suitcase with stuff, let them look then closed it, took stuff out & had guess whats missing.  We did this a couple of times.  
5. Toss the dynamite:
This game happened so fast, my head was spinning! It seems toilet paper rolls filled with candy makes quite a quick blast!

6.  Target practice:  At the last minute, Nyla disguised herself, I snapped a picture, printed it & she cut it out.  I still had some red paper, cut it out in a circle and bamb! Shoot the villian was born.
During spy training, I snuck & rang the door bell, leaving an envelope. The mission was simple,  "Dr. Evil Chaos" stole the goodie bags & threatened to blow them up.  The clues were funny, basically we had the kids run all over the place & they LOVED it!

(the bomb was simple; oatmeal container, egg timer, left over wire, tape & loaded it with candy)

I typed a bunch of clues, one of them was on edible decorating paper with a food marker, kids got a big kick out of it, but first they were so excited that it was in a cereal box, they ripped it, then had to put it together and finally "eat the evidence"
We also had 9 balloons; 1 with a clue & they had to pop the balloon bombs to get the clue.  

EVIDENCE:First we had pizza but quickly had to get back to the mission!  & Almost forgot to go back & have the cupcakes!!!

Basically, this was the easiest, funnest party ever!!  Just some typing, printing & a bunch of tape.  The main thing was having Nyla's best buds there to celebrate! She sure does have a great bunch of friends :) Thank you  little "Spy, Secret Agents" we love you all!!! Our "spy dogs", Dodger & Martine were pretty good too! It was a great day!

Super Spy thanks to these amazing blogs, we got so many great ideas from them!!!  I couldn't have done this without you! :)

FRUGAL FAMILY TIMES  passports & other cool stuff! 
GROW CREATIVE (cereal box clue)

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  1. Spies never go out of style. Sounds like your daughter and her friends had a party they will never forget.

  2. Looks like it was a blast. Great job, Michelle. Glad our spy party gave you some inspiration. :)


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