Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm back!...

It's been a little crazy the last couple of months; all crazy good though!  I've been a little out of touch with blogland and well kinda most technology.  I have to say its been a little frustrating but also in some ways a huge relief!  It seems sometimes, I'm too busy capturing the moment rather than living it and that's where I'm torn right now...

We took a little trip to Costa Rica; what an amazing country! (I'll write more about this trip later, but here is one of my favorite times)  A couple of days into our trip my phone stopped working, (I brought it just for the camera).  Throughout the trip I kept checking to see if it would work and every time I turned it on the phone kept going back in time, finally by December 1999 I gave up :)

I can't lie and say I was totally over it but WOW, it made me realize how much I "check" my phone! And then I realized everyone was always checking their phone, everywhere I went!    

So now that I'm back, I'm realizing I'm falling back into the phone thing. But now I'm realizing for me, I need to keep myself in check, instead of phonezupzuping just to fill time - I'm going to think of a million other things to do with real people (as I sit here typing away haha :)  I guess you can tell I'm wobbling on the fence with all this but... 

I'm glad I brought the camera though because I got this shot of Nyla, its my absolute favorite!! She's really into cartwheels right now and she was so happy and proud doing them!  Even though I have the "shot" in my memory, I'm super happy that I did have some technology with me because looking at this picture makes my heart sing with sunshine and happiness.  

For some more pics & post on Costa Rica click on the little Costa Rica tab up top :)

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