Saturday, September 21, 2013

PEACE PLEASE... Peace Pilgrim

Today, I let myself imagine how it must have felt to be PEACE PILGRIM.
 Peace Pilgrim was a cherished walking advocate for peace.  She started her pilgrimage in 1953, walking over 25,000 miles before she stopped counting the miles in 1964.  She continued walking & speaking on behalf of peace until her death in 1981.  She walked alone & without a penny only carrying a comb, compact toothbrush, pen, copies of her message & her correspondence. 

Peace Pilgrim relied on the kindness of others and walked until she was given food & a place to sleep. From the  dusty roads to the city streets she continually spread the word of peace. By the end of her life she had walked through all 50 states almost 7 times, parts of Canada & Mexico, a kind gentleman flew her to Alaska & Hawaii.

In honor of PEACE PILGRIM , International Peace Day as well as all others lets remember the peace and purity in us all.

Peace Pilgrim was from Egg Harbor City,NJ and every year in remembrance of her and International Peace Day they celebrate with a walk in her neighborhood and a fun local lunch & festivities. 

Thank you!

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Today, Nyla & I participated in a walk to celebrate & remember Peace Pilgrim. 

At the beginning of the walk my mind was cluttered with stresses of I don't even know - silly stuff but as my foot steps hit the pavement I started to embrace the crunchy leaves, the beginning merges of fall, the kind words of strangers, the quiet neighborhood & mostly Nyla holding my hand every so often.  Peace emerged within me, settled and stayed.  Yay!

Spread the word, Peace feels amazing!

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  1. So glad you were a part of the celebration. Hope to see you again next year.


Thanks for making me smile from your sweet comment!