Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Everyone loves rainbows, they just make me stop in my tracks in awe, since Rainbows symbolize happiness but are not always visible I thought I would create one for a fabulous reminder! (we all have a rainbow inside of us called our chakras, you can learn all about chakras here)
 I had these containers   hanging around waiting for another project and I got this idea - Rainbow in my window.  It looked just as amazing laying down and stacked, just make sure you tighten the lids real good :)  To make this rainbow happiness just take little clear containers (I got the whole box from Michael's craft store for about 10 bucks) and fill with water and food coloring, easy peasy and re-enjoyable.  (my purple really looked pretty, it just didn't show up, I'm working on my photography skills :)

When my "rainbow in my window" fades away, its going to turn into this amazing purse.  Check this out! Isn't this so perfectly pretty! Thanks for this beautiful inspiration and how to's!  Love your blog!

Have a fabulous day filled with all the colors of the rainbow! xxxxoooo Michelle

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