Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FLINGING INTO FABULOUS...pretty little lunches and snacks

Hi! Thank you for flinging by to fabulous!  Every so often my Mom will call me and say do something beautiful for yourself.  (thanks Mom for the reminder!)

Well today lets kick it up a notch and do something FABULOUS for yourself, others and globally.

My Mom is such a huge inspiration in my life she is just filled with kindness and positivity no matter what! She is always giving me little makeup bags that she gets from the cosmetic promotions. I just love them, they are so pretty.  After years of her generous gifts I have a bunch of them and I don't want to throw them away.  So what I do with them now is I make "Pretty Little Lunch & Snack Presents." I think that's adding a little fabulous to the ordinary brown bag or plastic bag lunch.  I'm re-enjoying them. (pretty for me and my family and pretty for the environment).

My daughter, Nyla was getting ready for school picture day  and she asked should I wear my pearls or boa? I just love her fab style, I suggested the pearls only because her lime green boa didn't go with her outfit.  Otherwise, I would be all for it!  I hope I never try to stifle her style 'cause she rocks it like no other!  I'm sure I'll have to remind myself of my words as the teenage years come along :)

For amazing ideas to help make someones day more fabulous either locally or globally, check out Ryan's awesome, awesome blog for inspiration.  Most are free and it doesn't get anymore fabulous than that!

Anyone want a cookie?   xxxxoooo Michelle

(cookies are in a little camera lens box that I got from the thrift store and the dip for my carrots is in a babyfood jar)


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