Sunday, March 25, 2012

FLINGING INTO FABULOUS...loving my linoleum!

I'm Fabulously ReGrouping.  I'm spending this beautiful rainy Sunday morning enjoying the few moments before the day actually starts into a normal routine.

Today, I'm going to spend the day with my daughter and embrace and cherish our time together.  I'm not going to  OK, here's how the day is winding up, I am embracing my daughter for sure because she has told me more than once, "Mommy I am better at the scrubbing kind of cleaning and you are better at the picking up kind!"

So, my original post name was fabulously regrouping and as I was writing, my morning was going quite dreamy.  This so far was a perfect Sunday.  I had to push it! See, I'm repainting my coffee table (I like to do all these little projects while Andy is fishing).  I'm painting the drawers now; I thought I have a few minutes before we go I'll just paint the drawers for 10 minutes.  So on the dining room table (yes, I'm painting the drawers on the dining room table.  I have it all tarped off professional like) well, big sigh; I spilled a half gallon of brown paint on my linoleum floor!!!

So after the shock wore off, I asked Nyla if she wanted to paint a picture to help use up all this brown paint.  Which she did, she also used the roller and rolled the brown paint on the floor.  Then she cleaned up and left, our dog, Dodger walked thru the paint and then walked on the carpet. (just a little bit).  Then, after cleaning the paint off my feet, Nyla's feet and Dodger's feet; I remembered that Nyla is a good scrubber, which she is by the way but she got bored before the job was over.

The good news is that none of the brown paint got on the china cabinet, or the chairs that I just reupholstered.  The bummer is that most of the cleaning was under the table which I barely clean under there normally, well I guess it was due.  

After a little while Nyla says, Mommy can you polish my other hand.  I was about to say can't you see I'm still trying to get brown paint from all over the floor, sink, haven't even thought about the carpet and now my feet again?  But, I look over and I see the cutest...I just fell in love!

What I realized is, we are in the process of re-doing our home including the floors but to be honest, I'm just not ready for that responsibility! 

So today, I am fabulously enjoying my worn out, ripped linoleum because if it was wood I would have really been freaking out!  Actually, I would have been out in the garage painting and I wouldn't have been in this situation :)  xxxxoooo Michelle 

(Andy update, he's been fishing 7 days, we hope he comes home Wed.  So far the phone has worked almost everyday which were really happy about but yesterday we missed his call, I couldn't find the phone :( , I know by now he's really feeling the pain, both  physically and mentally, I continue to send him distant REIKI and pray that he is safe.  When he left nothing was in bloom and now the whole town is pop with colors of yellow, purple and white!, Hey everyone, enjoy seafood because those guys work harder than you can ever imagine and risk their lives for us to have it.)


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