Tuesday, March 27, 2012


HI!  When I started, “Flinging into Fabulous…all during a fishing trip”, I didn’t realize my daughter would be throwing up as my husband was heading out to sea, I didn’t realize it would be the anniversary of my brother’s death (see posts a few days back), I didn’t realize that I would have a half gallon paint explosion on my linoleum floor (Monday’s post), I didn’t realize it would take me so long to re-do my coffee table AND I didn’t realize my daughter would get sick with the throwing up kind again! (I love 1st grade swermie germies!).

But what I did realize is it feels great to FEEL fabulous. 
Just how can you do that during an everyday “Mommy” kind of day and night?  My fabulous varies according to the moment and situation I am in.  I’ve allowed myself to have degrees of fab, it takes the pressure off.
I think if we surround ourselves with gentle reminders of how amazing we really are and things that make us feel like a million bucks; hopefully those reminders will pop into our head when we’re cleaning up throw up or having a blue kind of day.

For me to feel fabulous I need to be comfy.  I want to feel comfy with how I look, where I’m at, whom I’m with and of course my home.   I love my comfy bed, the thing is I'm not in it as much as I would like :) and my dogs are the last to get up so I can rarely make my bed until mid morning and when I do they usually get back into it!  When I finally get the opportunity to sleep, I'm having sweet, snoozie dreams all because I made it a big deal to have a comfy bed. Did I mention  I love my comfy bed?
 I try to fill my day with comfy (bra comes off after 5), I feel amazing when I do kind things for my family, other’s and me every day, I try to be a little glammy whether it be some part of my outfit or how I eat my food (I like to use my china more than not, although I didn't use it today for lunch, hmm I had a fab slack moment). 

Today, I had a nice relaxing lunch while Nyla took a well needed sick snooze. My lunch was filled with some of my favorites, beans and sunshine!
My super easy bean recipe came from
http://cloudoflace.com/2012/03/22/a-beans-snack/ .  I switched it up a little bit and used black beans, peas, and endame, I threw in a little rice and I added cilantro to the recipe and a dash of hot sauce.  Fabulously yummy!!! 

As I look at my beautiful little sleeping girl I realize that how fabulously lucky I am to have such a sweet, smart, funny, kind, little girl.  I know she is going to be ok, she's over the worst and I am so thankful.

Another thing that I started doing a couple of years ago is
 I try to shop and go to places that have nice, friendly people working there.  How can you feel fab when your paying for mean, grumpy bad service?

I love to do creative things and work on my dreams.  If I can do that even, if it’s a brief thought, I’m on my way to fab! Today, I've got ideas for rearranging some pictures in our house, that I've been trying to decide where.

I also love looking at cuteness.  I put together my "3 little birds".  I'm slowly getting into the Easter season so while Nyla was still sleeping I made this centerpiece today too.  

Remember, my fab has degrees.  Does yours? Only you can decide your fabulous, every little tiny bit of it.  Beside Nyla feeling sick, its been a pretty fabulous day; if I can squeeze in a shower and a face mask I’m gonna be feeling squeaky clean fabulous, if not I'm still feeling pretty fab!
 xxxxoooo Michelle


  1. Yummm!! I love how you modified the beans recipe!! :D Definitely going to try out your version ;)
    Your daughter is just adorable by the way!! :)


    1. I ditto that - sounds like a perfect lunch. Mobile, too.

      Thanks for visiting my blog :-) You have some gorgeous pictures here

    2. Thanks for swinging by I hope you continueto come back, I'm loving taking pics just getting into this since blogging so thank you! Big hugs! Michelle

  2. Thanks Hiba, keep coming up with those yummy recipes for me to try!


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