Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm a Proud Wall Flower...

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have to admit I'm one of those shy types, I like to stand back and take it all in and when I see or hear something I love I want to shout it to the world...

I just love, love this beautiful flower backdrop, you can get all the how to's from Nicole's inspiring blog.

I wasn't quite as ambitious as Nicole (I got too excited and I really didn't have a place in mind to hang it when I started) , mine is 3' x 4' and instead of using her recommended backdrop I used a 3 part poster board thing from the craft store.  I used those Command strip things to hang it.  I'm still not sure where I want to hang it (which makes those Command strips so great).  I might turn it into a headboard; I'm just not sure where this "Wall Flower" is going to be when she grows up :)

Thank you again Nicole for being so generous as to share this amazingly easy and dreamy idea!  You ROCK!

Here's to all those beautiful "Wall Flowers" out there! Keep being YOU!   :) xxxxoooo Michelle

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